Trust God

I don’t know your current situation. I don’t know what you’ve been through. For how long you’ve been crying, suffering, hiding your emotions.

But let me tell you today that if you keep asking God “WHY ME?” and you keep on focus on what happened to you, you won’t get over it soon. If you really want to think about something, think about what could’ve happened. Take time to realize how bless you are after ALL.

I am not trying to minimize what happened to you, but we should all focus on being thankful to God because we still alive. And if we still alive is that we still have a chance to make some changes.

Believe me, there’s a lot of things today that I still don’t understand. But I have decide to stop letting myself worry about things I can’t change and focus on the plan of God in my life. Because I believe that He is going to turn those bad situations in my life for my bood.

So the advice I can give you is to trust God. Trust Him in every situation, bad or good and always be thankful. You don’t know but you’re complaning on a life someone out there is praying to have. Life is a gift and we get just one life, so stop waisting it on feeling sorry for yourself. Let your fears make you stronger.