MUST READ “The Dark House”

Good morning everyone ❤

I am sharing this post with you guys to encourage this beautiful survivor. In this article, she is sharing her story, speaking up to the world about everything that once was kept secret. I am not alone, she is not alone, we are not alone. We are stronger TOGETHER and yes, ALL STORY MATTERS.

You are stronger than whatever tried to break you. I encourage you in your healing journey. Let me tell you that it won’t be easy but, IT IS WORTH IT. To face something you’ve ignored for many years can be more than a challenge but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD BY OUR SIDE. The devil is a liar. Lying to us all those years, trying to make us shut our mouths, make us blame ourselves and believe we deserved it, BUT WE DIDN’T deserve it.

Once a victim and forever a SURVIVOR ✊🏾❤





Rape culture needs to stop !!

Victims need to be heard and believed. We live in a world where people blame the victims and support the rapist.

I am a victim. I am being sensitive to all the silent voices and screams coming from those victims and I do believe them ALL. Because I know how it feels to be blamed and questioned about your part of responsibility in the situation. Nothing is worst for a victim than having to prove that she/he didn’t asked for it.

I will stand for myself and ALL the victims of any kind of violence. Even if it means standing alone, I WILL. I want to be a voice for the voiceless. Even if my voice shakes, I won’t stop until the truth is spread.

You are not alone #Metoo

Nights with no sleep,

Going through the same pain


I am the victim but it is not my story

Waking up crying over someone else’s story,

What is that suppose to mean?

Whatever it is,

I am able to feel her pain,

I can feel how it hurts to be seen as a sexual toy,

Just a little something to play with

When THEY feel like it,

We have no say,

Nothing to do against it

We just have to let it happen, right?

Even if we say no, it won’t stop them from touching us without our consent

They are monsters,

They stole our joy from us,

Our body has been stolen,

I feel like all those woman need me to stand up for them,

Those who are silently suffering about their trauma,

Those who have kept it a secret for too long,

I first was scared and confused about those nightmares

But then, I realized that it wasn’t my story

or how it happened to me,

So what if it was somebody else’s story

And that I could do something about it

I can’t change the past and the trauma that came afterwards

But what if I can tell those victims that I hear them, I believe them and that they are not alone.

Even if we don’t have the same story,

We share the same pain

We all want the same thing: JUSTICE.

But the system sucks,

So let’s just make a difference with speaking up the truth, our truth.

It was terrible.

It was awful.

Man by man were using my body to have some fun

I was powerless,

Everything was just happening,

I couldn’t stop it

And the funny part is that even in my nightmares, I had no support.

I was actually being laughed at,

Judged and seen has a b****

For things I/You/We didn’t asked for.

Change your focus

Most of the time, we are the ones hurting our own selves. Doing too much, loving too much, trying too much to please and impress people around us but for what? What is the point of making people around you happy, when you loose yourself on the way. There is nothing wrong with loving someone but to love someone more than you love yourself will only drive you crazy. Because want it or not, even unconsciously, you’ll be seeking the same love you would like for yourself, from that person. And the truth is that, it is your own job to love yourself first and enough to not be depending on someone else’s love.

At some point of our life, we need to learn how to change our focus. If you have a great person by your side, I am not saying let them go but learn how to put yourself first. Just like most of you, what I do best is to think about other people. Always worrying, trying to make sure that people around me are fine. But what about me? Someone even asked me the question: ” If you care about others, who will care about you?” I replied: “I don’t need to take care of myself or someone to do it for me, God will”. I still do believe that God is taking care of me but I have to make the first step. I can’t keep on doing nothing and hope that God will do everything, NO! He wants us to make the first step, to see how much we are willing to change, what are we ready to do about it and then, He handles the rest.

So you’re maybe asking yourself why things around you doesn’t work your way, why does someone control your mood and your happiness. It is simply because you still haven’t learn how to be sufficient for yourself. You haven’t learn how to be happy alone. If you put your trust in Man, you’ll always be disappointed but God will never give up on you, no matter what. There is nothing you can do that will change God’s unconditional love for you. We clearly don’t deserve it but we have received it by His grace. ❤🙏🏾

Quote of the week ❤

We teach best when we most need to learn

I mean this quote is so deep…

I don’t know if I am the only one thinking that but seriously it is a life changing quote. What I understand from it, is that it is during hard times when WE need help that we give our BEST advice. And I can only agree with that. When I think about it, it is actually true because every time that I have caught myself giving an advice to a friend, trying to encourage them to not give up, was in moments when I, myself felt like giving up. I guess that during hard times, when we get the chance to advice someone, what we do is that we take that precious time to talk to our own selves first. Most of the time, getting wise advice from people make us think that they are flawless and that they don’t struggle but we are wrong. They don’t have it all and most of the time, the best way to LEARN is to TEACH someone else how to get over it. And eventually, believe me, you will overcome your situation too. Some people won’t agree with this, some people will say that how can you help someone if you are still struggling with the same problem. What I think is that a problem shouldn’t stop you from helping someone else. And if doing it can actually make a difference in the other person’s life and your own eventually, then why not?? Only someone who have struggled like you do can give you some good tips about getting over it and yes maybe they are still struggling but they won’t stay in this position forever, just like you will overcome your situation too.

Ps: I heard this quote while watching a TV show and it really touched me, so I had to share it with you all. Struggles are temporary, even if it can be hard sometimes after the storm, the sun always comes back. Blessings are on the way dear friends, much love 💕🙏🏾

Quote of the day

Change is hard at first,

Messy in the middle


Gorgeous at the end.❤

So don’t you focus on how messy things are getting around you but have faith and believe that God is in control. Even if you might not understand His moves, trust Him because He knows what is best for you. And yes, He can hear your silent prayers, those prayers where it is your heart crying out to God but with no words coming out of your mouth. Even if you feel like problems are all around you, remember that it is all in your head and God is actually the one surrounding you. And always remember that, no matter what you’ve done, nothing will change his unconditionnal love for you. HE LOVES YOU, PERIOD!

May God bless you all 💕🙏🏾



Once I was ashamed of my scars

but today, they tell a story,


No matter how dark your past is and how many mistakes you have done, the most important thing is to learn from it. Hard times can be a reason for your breakdown or can also be the explanation to your elevation, your blessings.

We always have a decision

to make in life


it all starts within us


Peace ❤