Quote of the week

You are just human.

Being imperfect,

doesn’t make you any less.

What is a perfect christian? I know that I am not the only one doing that but sometimes I blame myself for not being a perfect christian. Not being able to impress everyone in my walk with God (clearly not my goal but feel like that is what they want me to do). Or sometimes when I think I am not doing so bad, I never miss someone to remind me how I still got a lot of things to work on. Sometimes I even feel like the more pressure I get from people and the more easy it is for me to disappoint them. Even if I am willing to be a “perfect” christian, knowing that people expect me to be this or that drives me crazy, so I just end up doing whatever…

People need to let the judging part to God and help each other to get back on track with their relationship with God. God loves you as you are and what the devil want is to keep you away from his presence sometimes by using people from the church. They think that they are helping you by being hard on you and reminding you everything you are doing wrong but they are just making it easier for you to avoid church. Because why would you even go to church if in everything you do it is only the bad things that comes back to you like if all the efforts you put in other stuffs doesn’t count. And when you tell them that you are not here to impress anyone but God, you are starting to regret even saying it.

Ps: Don’t be too hard with yourself and remember that you are perfectly imperfect. No need to pressure yourself and to try hard to be perfect, NOBODY IS PERFECT, not even your pastor.

The Voice of Peace ❤



What is life?

Is anyone have THE answer to that question?

Not so sure, because we all have a different perspective of life.

For some it is a journey, for some it is heaven on earth and others, it is hell on earth but who’s right about it?

Probably everyone…

We all have our experiences and the struggles isn’t what determine our way of viewing life but what we do about it…

Why living to end up dying?

I don’t know…

But what I know is that it would be stupid to not live your life at the fullest because you know you’ll be gone someday.

I believe that knowing that each day is a gift should be a motivation for us to actually live our life, not the life people want us to live but THE LIFE WE WANT TO LIVE.

If you woke up today, don’t take it for granted. Too many people would have wished to have one more day on earth so please, no matter how life can be hard, realize that after all you are still ALIVE which is a BLESSING.

Have a wonderful day ❤️

Hallelujah Cover

Hi everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing pretty good. Here is a cover that I have made of Hallelujah. I usually sing at church. Before what happened to me, I used to sing a lot, studio sessions, I was so passionate about music. But after the trauma, I lost interest into everything including music. But here is my first cover that I share with all of you and I am willing to find back my love for music. If you guys are willing to watch the full video, it will be available on my Youtube Channel (The Voice of Peace)

I know I have been quiet, back to school and like I have told you guys, I am working into extending The Voice Of Peace. So if it is not done yet, make sure to follow me on social media to not miss a thing.

Much love to my people, God bless you all ❤️ I will never stop thanking you guys for the love and support. 😊


Some put the blame on the clothes

And others put the blame on alcohol and drugs.

Some put the blame on being flirty

And others put the blame on not being careful.

Some put the blame walking alone late at night while others put the blame on going out to a party.

Some put the blame on the victims and other put the blame on her sense of judgment.

But none of them put the blame on what IS TO BLAME, THE RAPIST.

Certains accusent les vêtements

Et d’autres accusent l’alcool et les drogues.
Certains accusent d’être dragueur
Et d’autres accusent de ne pas faire attention.
Certains accusent le fait de marcher seuls tard dans la nuit, tandis que d’autres accusent de sortir à une fête.
Certaines accusent les victimes et d’autres, son sens du jugement.
Mais aucun d’entre eux n’a mis le blâme sur ce qui est à blâmer, l’agresseur.


Hi everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing great .

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Better with worst nightmares

Hello my people ❤

I hope that all of you are doing fine. I know that most of you love it in here but don’t forget to get out of wordpress to support me on my YouTube Channel and my other social media.

As you probably are all witness, I have been doing good, much better than when I first started my blog. I am personally proud of myself for my improvement and all my accomplishments. I love to see that I get to inspire people just by being myself and spreading the truth. I am proudly growing in this healing journey, even if sometimes I do face challenges. I take less time ovethinking on problems than I used to, knowing that it won’t bring me anywhere or even make it any better, in other words avoiding panick attacks as much as I can.

Since what happened to me in 2013, nightmares and flashbacks have been my unwanted bestfriends. I still remember how just a name or a face looking like one of my abusers was enough to automatically bring me back there. The weird thing is that more I am getting better and more my nightmares are getting worst. I used to dream about people getting raped or some where like unfinished dreams but I could feel like I knew what happened next. Most of the time it wasn’t even me personally going through it all in my dreams. But these few days, I am seeing myself running away from my abuser, screaming for help when I randomly saw him around a bunch of people. I saw a security guard and I asked him to take him away from me but he didn’t do anyhing. For the security guy and everybody else around me, I was just crazy. Didn’t slept so well and I really hope that sleeping won’t get harder.

Sometimes those kind of things makes you question yourself about how good you really are inside of you or if it is just your mind trying to play you? I don’t know but what I know is that I am stronger than I used to be maybe that is the reason why things are getting harder.

I believe that God will take care of me. He has never let me down and this time won’t be his first time to do it, so I am in good hands.

God bless you all ❤

The Voice Of Peace

Quote of the week

We TEACH the best when we most need to LEARN.

I want all of you to remember this quote. While going through hard times remember that your problems isn’t an excuse to not be there for someone. In other words, it is not because you are struggling that you can’t give someone else an advice. Even if you are going through the same struggle, use it as an occasion to talk to yourself too.

Always remember that problems are temporary and that you have everything it takes to get over it.

***Full video available in my YouTube channel : http://q.gs/Efgn7 ***


The Voice Of Peace Motivation 💕