Feel better

Most of the time we say that we will do something as soon as we feel better. Without knowing that, to accomplish something is what will make us feel better.

Do it now and you’ll feel better. Don’t wait until you feel better because you have no idea how long can this be.

The Voice of Peace ❣️


Timing matters

It’s crazy how good stuff coming at the wrong time can be destructive. Even though, you know that in another position it would have been the best news ever but it is not the case. It is just like having a good person by your side coming at the wrong moment in your life. In that case, no matter what you do and how hard you may try, the timing makes the relationship impossible. You’ll feel like being in a toxic relationship with a great partner, simply because it is not the right timing. Life has a lot of surprises and most of the time we don’t know how to react to it.

Sometimes, we think too fast or just don’t think, hoping to make the right decision. But I believe that the biggest decision we have to make in life needs to be thought through. What suck the most in life is to make a decision knowing that you will regret no matter what option you take. So at this point, you don’t think about what you won’t regret but which one will make it seem less as regret. Both decision are hard to make, one is easier simply because the timing isn’t right but the other one is hard because you are emotionally attached to it. At this point, both decision will come with huge consequences, one that might mentally break you down or the other one that will change your life around, make it take a turn you didn’t planned.

But the timing isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you do meet that imperfect person at the perfect timing. Sometimes, even though you didn’t know how dark your life was, it all seem brighter now with that one person in it, who came into the picture at the right time. At some point of your life, you thought that you would be better off on your own, not knowing that in that exact moment, you needed that love and support coming from someone else. Just like having a new job and new opportunities when you thought that everything in your life was falling apart. With patience, everything always fall back into place, it is just a matter of time.

It is never easy to take a big decision in life, especially not knowing what will come next. So this message is for whoever is facing a challenging situation, WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE, IT IS THE RIGHT ONE. Breath in, breath out and things will fall back into place. Hard times are there so we can grow and get through it.

WHY …?

Why is doing things right, isn’t always right?

Why there is always more damage coming out of truth than lies?

Why is doing what your heart tells you to do sometimes get you in trouble?

Why people lie?

Why is it so hard for some people to be honest?

Why did we have to go through hard situations in life?

Why people hide themselves instead of showing off who they really are?

Why are we doing everything to please people around us first when we know we should do what makes us happy?

Why working out, drinking out, smoking out our struggles instead of facing them?

Why keep it quiet when all we want is to scream and cry it all out?

Why speak in vain for no specific reason ?

Why keep on being nice when all you get in exchange is the opposite?

Why being mean to people who are good to us?

Why do we focus on the negativity in our life and relationships when there is a longer list of things we actually are thankful for?

Why do we keep failing even if all we want is to make it to the top someday?

Why some people get good stuff by fraud when those working 2-3 jobs are still struggling ?

Why poor people keep on getting poor while rich people are getting richer?

We all have a bunch of “why” questions and I guess that the best answer to all of them would be “It is what it is, that’s life”. Because I believe that we should always focus on things we can control like our reaction through life struggles. We sadly can’t select what we want life to throw at our faces. I believe that we all have everything it takes and that we are stronger enough to overcome our situation.

Listen to The Voice of Peace inside of you


Heart broken

Love is beautiful. There is nothing greater than loving someone and being loved back. Loving someone makes it hard to see how life can be without their presence in your life and most of the time that question comes up: “where have you been all my life?”. Life just seems a lot more manageable when you have someone you love, to live it with you. Struggles are just a part of relationships but never enough to come between you and your special person because nothing shall come to tear you guys apart. The best gift we always give to our special person is our heart knowing that they have all the power to break it someday.

Let’s talk about heart broken! I love to say that there is no love without pain just like there is no rainbow without rain. That is just life. But there is a difference between going through downs in a relationship and to actually put an end into that relationship. There’s nothing worst than having to go through a break up with that one person you thought would NEVER leave you. It really sucks and at this point, you’ll just have to face it because no drugs, no alcohol or anything else will make the pain go away. You’ll have to live it and face it. When your heart is broken you feel like nothing in life is making sense, crying all night becomes an habit, listening to sad music makes you “feel better” (just more sad) and opening up to whoever wants to listen is everything you know at that moment.

We have all experienced heart broken at some point of our life and there is no tips to make you feel better than just going through it. The only way to make the pain go away, it’s go face it until the day that pain will simply be a memory from the past. I had to go through it in my past and instead of blaming my ex, I simply decided to see this heart broken as a lesson. From that experience, I have learned to identify what I didn’t like from my past relationship and what I would like to improve in my next relationship.

As human beings, what we do most is that we put the blame on our ex, to make ourselves feel better. Even though you did nothing wrong, take this as something that will make you grow into becoming a better partner, for the next luckiest person in the world. What we mostly do is that after being hurt, we take that decision to never let someone hurt us that much again. Heart broken make us fear love. But what we don’t know is that we might be missing something great. I believe that if we take heart broken as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, what we want and don’t want from a man/woman it will help us into making the right choices in the future.

Please, let’s not rush into another relationship. It is fine to be and stay single until we heal from it. Nothing is worst than entering a relationship while you are still in love with your ex or still not in peace with the break up. Especially because your new partner has nothing to do with what happened with your last relationship and what we mostly do, is that we put it all on him/her. If you want to make them a favor, take all the time you’ll need to get over it and when you feel ready enough to move on into another chapter of your life, don’t let your fear stop you and LOVE AGAIN. ❤️

No love comes without pain just like good things in life takes a lot of work and patience.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs.

1 Corinthians 13:4-5


Good morning everyone ❤️

I know it’s been a while but I am doing great by God’s grace. I just want to tell someone that everything they want to become depends on the decisions they will be making today, in a few weeks, month and years. That is the reason why we should all pray to God so He reveals us our purpose in this world because if not, we will only be doing everything we shouldn’t be doing. Most of the time, we are taking decisions based on our emotions, on the current situation or on what we want NOW. But we should all understand that what matters is what we want for our future that’s should be the main reason why we are making a decision.

The sad part is that, some of us know what is our purpose in this world but still aren’t making the decision that will make them achieve their goals. In other words, making the RIGHT decision isn’t always easy, it is actually the hardest part. Getting out of your comfort zone, waking up early for someone who loves to sleep, sleeping late, getting on a diet, stop waisting time and get to work, start thinking positively, quitting your job, putting yourself first, cutting some people off… All this are examples of decisions we all have to make at some point of our life that isn’t easy at all when you just got used to doing the opposite.

But if we are willing to make BETTER decisions and make it all work for our good, God will help us through it. Sometimes to be into a better place or to become a better person you need to be HARD on yourself NOW to be BETTER AFTERWARDS.

The Voice of Peace ❤️✌🏾


SHE can be anything and anyone.

Someone’s mother,

Someone’s sister,

Someone’s daughter,

Someone’s wife/ girlfriend,

She can be a doctor,

A lawyer,

A waitress,

A cashier

SHE can be a prostitute

But whatever SHE is

And whatever SHE does,

SHE never asked to be taken advantage of

All she wanted was to take a break,

go out and have some fun

But SHE ended up being raped

By a bunch of strangers that thought

“SHE is sexy”….

PS: I am not good at drawing but gave it a try to put an image with my small text. So please, no judgment, at least I tried. 🤷🏾‍♀️

God’s plan

Even though you might not understand your situation and why you are going through hard times, let me tell you that God has a plan for you. Nothing that you have will be waisted instead God will use what you have for someone else’s need.

We living life seeking for our gift and our purpose in life but what we don’t know is that everything we need is within us. Your gift is inside of you. That’s why even rich, successful and well educated people can still end up being depressed or unsatisfied because they are doing something they hate. Until we all find our gift and purpose in life, we will never be completely satisfied. We will always feel like something is missing or we are not doing what we are suppose to be doing.

What we must all understand is that God gave us that gift as a key for someone else’s freedom. When you’ll find your gift, money won’t be a problem because even your enemies will be ready to pay for that gift of yours. People are after the gift not the owner of the gift, in other words people can hate you but still pay for that special gift that you have.

But seriously, let’s all think about it, it would be such a waiste to leave this world without even being able to accomplish what we were born for. If you in the lucky ones who knows their gift make sure that you don’t keep it for yourself and if you are in those who don’t know their gift yet, what you need to know is that your gift is something you will do even for free because it is a part of you.

The Voice of Peace ❤️


She is feeling some type of way,

Not sure how to describe what she feels

But all she knows is that it is real.

She is okay

But she feels like something isn’t right.

She wants company,

but she don’t want to beg for it

She wants to be alone,

But not to feel lonely.

She is tired, exhausted, stressed

All she wants is a break,

A break from everything,

A break from her reality.

No matter how bright her future is,

Right now, she is more than discouraged.

She feels hopeless,

Especially because she can’t even put a name on whatever she’s feeling

One day she’ll be happy and the next day,

She will be crying all the tears of her body

She maybe needs helps

But she don’t want to get disappointed

By anyone!

She loves to have what she wants

But hates to force it.

She ask for simple things,

That seems like too much for some.

She loves too much,

cares too much and do too much

but it always seem like it is

way too much or not enough.

❤️ C.O.N.F.U.S.E.D ❤️

Quote of the week

You are just human.

Being imperfect,

doesn’t make you any less.

What is a perfect christian? I know that I am not the only one doing that but sometimes I blame myself for not being a perfect christian. Not being able to impress everyone in my walk with God (clearly not my goal but feel like that is what they want me to do). Or sometimes when I think I am not doing so bad, I never miss someone to remind me how I still got a lot of things to work on. Sometimes I even feel like the more pressure I get from people and the more easy it is for me to disappoint them. Even if I am willing to be a “perfect” christian, knowing that people expect me to be this or that drives me crazy, so I just end up doing whatever…

People need to let the judging part to God and help each other to get back on track with their relationship with God. God loves you as you are and what the devil want is to keep you away from his presence sometimes by using people from the church. They think that they are helping you by being hard on you and reminding you everything you are doing wrong but they are just making it easier for you to avoid church. Because why would you even go to church if in everything you do it is only the bad things that comes back to you like if all the efforts you put in other stuffs doesn’t count. And when you tell them that you are not here to impress anyone but God, you are starting to regret even saying it.

Ps: Don’t be too hard with yourself and remember that you are perfectly imperfect. No need to pressure yourself and to try hard to be perfect, NOBODY IS PERFECT, not even your pastor.

The Voice of Peace ❤