Good morning everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing great. I just want to share with you guys this good news, I uploaded my first YouTube video. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so proud that I have made the first step knowing it isn’t perfect. I have made a bunch of video of the same subject but that one was good enough to finally be published. I believe that if I wait until I get my professional kit to make the best videos ever that might just never happen. So yes, I had to make a big step out of my comfort zone and I did. I made this video with what I have which is a phone, light (not the best lightening), determination and courage.

So family, I would like to invite each one of you to check out my new video, to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and to comment if you have any suggestion.

Here is the link you can use to get to my YouTube video:

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I created a Gofund me for those who want to contribute in The Voice of Peace, those who believes in me and where I am heading. Here is the link:

PS: All this will help me to make better video pretty soon and start different activities for sexual assault awareness. πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚

I believe that it is all POSSIBLE with generous people and God by my side.

Much love guys and God bless ❀


Change your focus

I know that it is easier to say this quote than to actually get it done, right?! But I am sharing this with you just to remind you that there is no point of focusing on your past because it won’t change what happened to you. It is a sad reality that I ended up realizing. It is a waste of time to constantly go back to your past, hoping that somehow all your bad memories will be erased. It doesn’t work like this and sadly, it won’t. That is the reason why we all need to focus on our future, focus on thing we can actually control like our reaction through life challenges. We are the results of all the decisions and reactions we’ve made through life.

My healing journey isn’t easy at all, in my case, it is actually harder than going through the trauma itself. But still, to heal is the best decision I have ever made.

The Voice of Peace πŸ’•

The Voice of Peace Boutik

Hi everyone ❀

I hope that all of you are doing great. Happy new year again to all of you who never stop supporting me and showing me some love, only God knows how much I appreciate every single one of you. Like promised, I am planning a lot of things in this new year. I would like to share with all of you my online shop: The Voice of Peace Boutik.

Here is the link:

I wanted my wordpress family to be the first one to have access to The Voice of Peace Boutik. By God’s grace there will be more to come for The Voice of Peace. πŸ™πŸΎ

I hope that you guys won’t get tired of supporting me πŸ˜‚ I mean, it is just starting! So feel free to reblog and share on your social media and maybe start by following me, if it is not done yet.

Here is a few pictures just to give you all an idea but go check it out, because there is a lot more than that. You guys even have 15% OFF. πŸ˜‰

I will never stop thanking all of you, because without even knowing, you guys are the reason why I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I created this blog at first just to escape reality, find a way to deal with life struggles and then I met you guys, I mean this is a real love story. 😍

Much love to all my people ❀

Ps: I will be waiting on your pictures of the items ordered on my Boutik and obviously, feedback. πŸ˜€

The Voice of Peace

A little reminder

The only one to blame when someone gets raped is THE RAPIST, let’s make it clear. It has nothing to do with your outfit, if you were drunk or on drugs, if you were interested at first or you were flirting, if you froze or couldn’t defend yourself and couldn’t scream. Let me tell you that YOU have nothing to do with what happened to you. I know how it feels to be questioned about your part of responsibility in the situation when you open up to people around you, but it is not your fault.

The Voice of Peace ❀

The Voice of Peace Motivation πŸ’•

Hope this small video can encourage someone going through hard times.

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Quote of the day

Society teaches don’t get raped

rather than don’t rape.



Even if the majority have answered the rapist as an answer, I am not completely satisfied. I do what I do because of the 5% that have answered being flirty as a reason why someone can end up getting raped. It is sad, but that is the society we live in. Some people still think that victims are totally responsible for what happened to them and THEY ARE WRONG for thinking that. That is the reason why I am using my voice and doing my best to make it clear. There is no one to blame if it is not the RAPIST HIMSELF, NO ONE!

The Voice of Peace πŸ’•

Just started my new portfolio

Like I told you guys, I will be working on a lot of different stuff on this new year. And I will obviously need all of you to support me, like you guys always do 😊

By God’s grace, I will bring with your help The Voice of Peace to another level. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ€žπŸΎ

Here’s the link and no judge, there will be more pictures pretty soon πŸ˜‚’s+Pic

Let’s make 2019 a good year for US !😊

Ps: If anyone is looking for bloggers to post on their blog or website, it will be my pleasure to work with you. Feel free to message me! #bloggerswanted

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