Your story can help someone…

Since I have been on this journey, I get a lot of people sharing their stories with me. They talk to me about what happened to them or what happened to people around them. I do my best to encourage them through the healing process and to remind them how strong they actually are. I love to see that I get to inspire people around me. Some people need me/you/us to make the first step so they get to understand that they are not alone. Personnally, it is always comforting to know that someone else just like me, got tired of it all and decided to speak up about it. Sexual assault is not an easy topic but we HAVE and MUST talk about it, if we want things to change.

So no matter how dark your past is, use it for your good and never be ashamed of it, because it made you the person that you are today. Use your pain to help others, use your experience to teach others and use your voice to speak up about it.

If I can be an ear for someone, feel free to contact me and share your story.

My Instagram account: louisapeace_xo or (Louisa Peace)

May God bless you all πŸ’•



I am sorry too…

I am sorry for saying that I was okay when all I needed was comfort and company

I am sorry because I couldn’t defend myself and scream for help

I am sorry because I gave up on myself

I am sorry because I couldn’t stand up for myself

I am sorry because I kept it a secret for too long

I am sorry that I had to fake it all, all this time.

I am sorry that I had to get through it alone, like I had no one around me…

I am sorry for smiling for no other reasons than to hide my pain

I am sorry for thinking that I have deserved it and that I had something to do with what happened

I am sorry because I couldn’t report

I am sorry because I never had the support I should have had

I am sorry that I got weak

Or maybe was I just too strong?

I am sorry but I just got tired of being strong ...πŸ’”

Quote of the week

I wish you all a wonderful week. πŸ’™

Even through hard times, always remember that everything you need to overcome your situation lives inside of you. You do not need alcohol, drugs or whatever you are using or doing to escape reality, you got everything you need within you.

Face yourself, get to know yourself better, listen to your heart and be true to yourself.

May God bless you all during this week ❀

A letter to a strong woman

A message to my younger self,

I just want to let you know that everything will be alright.

I know everything around you is falling apart but believe me, it is only because things are about to fall back together.

Cry as much as you need to, it is alright to not feel okay.

You don’t always have to be strong.

Feel free to smile baby girl, but please, dont use your smile to hide your pain.

I know how real is your pain, so why would you ignore it?

Let the pain come in, cry like a baby if that is what you want, FEEL the pain and then, LET IT GO. Because you won’t be able to let go of your pain and your past unless you decide to face it.

Face yourself, stop being ashamed of your past. Let your pain make you grow.

I know it is hard and I know you think that everything that happened to you was your fault but IT WASN’T.

You had nothing to do with everything that monster did to you. Being drunk doesn’t make it your fault. Just like for him, being drunk wasn’t an excuse to take advantage of your body.

I remember how you thought that it was all a bad dream at first. You were still traumatized and not sure of what actually happened to you.

To be honest, in 2013, you were going through too many problems to actually think about it seriously.

It is two years later that everything made sense and that you really understood how serious it was. In 2015, you realized how sad and empty you really was. You got into a depression, lost interest of everything and end up into a dark place.

But today, you are something else beautiful. If it wasn’t for you and how strong you were, I wouldn’t be here.

I thank you for not giving up on me, my younger self. I know sometimes you doubt it but you are stronger than whatever tried to break you.

When I think about you, I can only be proud of the younger me for keeping her head up no matter what.

I would have so much to say but let’s make it brief. You are loved and appreciated. I am still healing but I promise you that I will never stop helping people because that is the main reason why you decided to HEAL at first.

From: Me

To: My younger self


I still remember years ago, when I was going through hard times how I found myself so lonely. People around me couldn’t understand me and some didn’t even believed me, so I ended up isolating myself from the world. I got into a dark place where only alcohol and razors would make me feel better. I was no longer living my life, I was walking dead, I was in a surviving mode, trying to make it through the day.

In this healing journey, I am still learning and still struggling. I don’t want any of you to think that I got it all, I don’t. I am just willing to heal and to help other people on the way to my complete healing. I have caught myself going back to things I used to do when I had enough of life, I am not sure of how to explain that feeling but it sucks. If I can give you all an advice when you have the chance to be there for someone, be there for them at 100%.

Because there is nothing worst than feeling alone with someone by your side.

One step at the time

I finally made it !!! πŸ˜€

I have been working on this blog for quite some time now and it is only a few days or maybe a week ago that I have decided to share my blog on my instagram

IG: Louisa Peace/ @louisapeace_xo

I wish I could just stay with my wordpress family because you guys are just so awesome. The love and support that I get from you all is more than appreciated. It is sad because most of the time, we get more support from “strangers” than from our family and friends. But still, I knew that the day I would feel ready to post it, I will and I DID! For me it is a huge step and I love to see that I do get support from my people too. At first, I was scared of being judged but today, All I care about is myself and what makes me happy. I know that it is not an easy subject to talk about sexual assault but I believe that it is important to.

So dear friends, feel free to follow me on IG and keep on showing me love β€πŸ™πŸΎ