It’s okay

It is crazy how you can wake up a day feeling positive, like you could get the moon for yourself if you really wanted to and the next day, feel like the world is heavy on your shoulder.

What I mean is that, it is okay to not be okay. We must understand that it is a part of being human. Someday, breathing will be the biggest accomplishment of the day, just like in other days it would be to complete your work out program as planned.

Sometimes, you will feel like you got everything under control and nothing can come between you and your goals. Just like some other days, you will feel like you are at the mercy of life and whatever life will throw in your face, you’ll just take it as if you’ve never fight back during hard times.

Some day you’ll wake up seeing a clear vision of your goals and your purpose in life. And the next day, all you know is that you are willing to move forward not really knowing where you are heading or, doing so many things at the same time until you give up on all those things.

You’ll wake up feeling more than ready to go through this new day, excited about what it has for you. And a few hours later, all you want is to go back to your bed and stay there for as long as it will take you to feel much better.

No matter how you are feeling right now, just know that your feelings are just a proof that you are still alive and have a heart. And that is more than okay, it’s a blessing, a second chance from God to make things differently.

– Peace

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