This morning, I woke up to this terrible news. I don’t personally know the little girl, but I read her story through social media and it really affected me.

“During the night of Friday, a 3 years old little girl was raped. She was innocently playing with her friends when she suddenly disappeared. No where to be found, the little girl was missing. At this point, all the family was scared and they all thought she was kidnapped. An announcement was made that a little girl was found in the herbs. Sadly, it was that same little girl, weak and unrecognizable. She was raped from her vagina to her anus probably all night. The two organs have come out of their location. Instead of being at school to start kindergarten, she was at the hospital. Unfortunately, this little girl is now dead. ”

I know it is a hard to read but until when are we going to have to read those kind of stories? Rape needs to stop, sexual assault needs to stop, sexual violence needs to stop. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. She was 3 years old, I am really curious to see what can be the excuse this time? Because people love to put the blame on the victim on how she was dressed and drunk, but for this little girl, what was the excuse? Her diaper was too tight? We need to understand that the rapist will FOREVER be the one to blame, no matter what case and ESPECIALLY on that one. Only monsters can do such things to a little girl.

May her soul Rest In Peace πŸ™πŸΎ

Imma keep it short because it always hurt me to hear stories like that. I mean, how can this even be real? I just hope that this story will open our eyes to make us able to see what is going on in this world.


5 thoughts on “BLAME THE DIAPERS?

    1. Oh yes, we live in a crazy world. It is just so sad that it takes stories like that to see how serious rape is. I mean, people still really think that victim are to be blamed but curious to know what they have to say about this.

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