Timing matters

It’s crazy how good stuff coming at the wrong time can be destructive. Even though, you know that in another position it would have been the best news ever but it is not the case. It is just like having a good person by your side coming at the wrong moment in your life. In that case, no matter what you do and how hard you may try, the timing makes the relationship impossible. You’ll feel like being in a toxic relationship with a great partner, simply because it is not the right timing. Life has a lot of surprises and most of the time we don’t know how to react to it.

Sometimes, we think too fast or just don’t think, hoping to make the right decision. But I believe that the biggest decision we have to make in life needs to be thought through. What suck the most in life is to make a decision knowing that you will regret no matter what option you take. So at this point, you don’t think about what you won’t regret but which one will make it seem less as regret. Both decision are hard to make, one is easier simply because the timing isn’t right but the other one is hard because you are emotionally attached to it. At this point, both decision will come with huge consequences, one that might mentally break you down or the other one that will change your life around, make it take a turn you didn’t planned.

But the timing isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you do meet that imperfect person at the perfect timing. Sometimes, even though you didn’t know how dark your life was, it all seem brighter now with that one person in it, who came into the picture at the right time. At some point of your life, you thought that you would be better off on your own, not knowing that in that exact moment, you needed that love and support coming from someone else. Just like having a new job and new opportunities when you thought that everything in your life was falling apart. With patience, everything always fall back into place, it is just a matter of time.

It is never easy to take a big decision in life, especially not knowing what will come next. So this message is for whoever is facing a challenging situation, WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE, IT IS THE RIGHT ONE. Breath in, breath out and things will fall back into place. Hard times are there so we can grow and get through it.

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