WHY …?

Why is doing things right, isn’t always right?

Why there is always more damage coming out of truth than lies?

Why is doing what your heart tells you to do sometimes get you in trouble?

Why people lie?

Why is it so hard for some people to be honest?

Why did we have to go through hard situations in life?

Why people hide themselves instead of showing off who they really are?

Why are we doing everything to please people around us first when we know we should do what makes us happy?

Why working out, drinking out, smoking out our struggles instead of facing them?

Why keep it quiet when all we want is to scream and cry it all out?

Why speak in vain for no specific reason ?

Why keep on being nice when all you get in exchange is the opposite?

Why being mean to people who are good to us?

Why do we focus on the negativity in our life and relationships when there is a longer list of things we actually are thankful for?

Why do we keep failing even if all we want is to make it to the top someday?

Why some people get good stuff by fraud when those working 2-3 jobs are still struggling ?

Why poor people keep on getting poor while rich people are getting richer?

We all have a bunch of “why” questions and I guess that the best answer to all of them would be “It is what it is, that’s life”. Because I believe that we should always focus on things we can control like our reaction through life struggles. We sadly can’t select what we want life to throw at our faces. I believe that we all have everything it takes and that we are stronger enough to overcome our situation.

Listen to The Voice of Peace inside of you


14 thoughts on “WHY …?

    1. Thank you very much, I just guess that we can’t do much about it. That’s juste how life is, so we should simply accept it that way. I love to say the best way to react is to kill people with kindness, that is my secret or hard times with positivity. It is easier to say but it is possible too! Have a wonderful day 💕

      1. It is interesting we have the same viewpoint to the answer, and yet, in our writings we explore emotions differently.
        You seek and find the positive means, I write of the process of becoming damaged and eventually breaking.
        It is wonderful to lift my head from the darkness and see expressions of the light.
        Thank you

        1. Thank you very much for your comment. I guess it is all in the process, my very old posts were just like you said it is a process and it doesn’t come overnight. Now I am just so curious, I will definitely visit your blog and take a look to it. And I believe that the fact that we express it differently is what makes it beautiful 💕 Remember this, If today I can see and appreciate the light it’s because I have met darkness too, if not, I wouldn’t be able to know that there is a difference between those two.

  1. The only answer I have is because sadly, most people are lazy and it is hard work to do the right thing and to be honest. it goes against the grain. People want to be liked and they want things to be easy. They don’t want to work for things that are important. they would rather have things given to them and have others d the work for them.

  2. You are absolutely right and that is a reason why I believe that we should always appreciate someone who is actually trying. Trying, doesn’t mean that you will get it right the first time but sometimes it’s comes with mistakes and I believe that some who makes mistakes it is simply someone who tried to do it right. So yes, you are right, people are lazy and don’t want to make that extra effort of being honest and nice to people.

    1. That is exactly what I am trying to do. My name is Peace but I am still working into listening to that voice of peace inside of me. Hoping that in the meanwhile my post does help someone out.

      Best Regards,

      The Voice Of Peace ❣️

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