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I know it’s been a while but I am doing great by God’s grace. I just want to tell someone that everything they want to become depends on the decisions they will be making today, in a few weeks, month and years. That is the reason why we should all pray to God so He reveals us our purpose in this world because if not, we will only be doing everything we shouldn’t be doing. Most of the time, we are taking decisions based on our emotions, on the current situation or on what we want NOW. But we should all understand that what matters is what we want for our future that’s should be the main reason why we are making a decision.

The sad part is that, some of us know what is our purpose in this world but still aren’t making the decision that will make them achieve their goals. In other words, making the RIGHT decision isn’t always easy, it is actually the hardest part. Getting out of your comfort zone, waking up early for someone who loves to sleep, sleeping late, getting on a diet, stop waisting time and get to work, start thinking positively, quitting your job, putting yourself first, cutting some people off… All this are examples of decisions we all have to make at some point of our life that isn’t easy at all when you just got used to doing the opposite.

But if we are willing to make BETTER decisions and make it all work for our good, God will help us through it. Sometimes to be into a better place or to become a better person you need to be HARD on yourself NOW to be BETTER AFTERWARDS.

The Voice of Peace ❤️✌🏾

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