She is feeling some type of way,

Not sure how to describe what she feels

But all she knows is that it is real.

She is okay

But she feels like something isn’t right.

She wants company,

but she don’t want to beg for it

She wants to be alone,

But not to feel lonely.

She is tired, exhausted, stressed

All she wants is a break,

A break from everything,

A break from her reality.

No matter how bright her future is,

Right now, she is more than discouraged.

She feels hopeless,

Especially because she can’t even put a name on whatever she’s feeling

One day she’ll be happy and the next day,

She will be crying all the tears of her body

She maybe needs helps

But she don’t want to get disappointed

By anyone!

She loves to have what she wants

But hates to force it.

She ask for simple things,

That seems like too much for some.

She loves too much,

cares too much and do too much

but it always seem like it is

way too much or not enough.

❤️ C.O.N.F.U.S.E.D ❤️

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