What is life?

Is anyone have THE answer to that question?

Not so sure, because we all have a different perspective of life.

For some it is a journey, for some it is heaven on earth and others, it is hell on earth but who’s right about it?

Probably everyone…

We all have our experiences and the struggles isn’t what determine our way of viewing life but what we do about it…

Why living to end up dying?

I don’t know…

But what I know is that it would be stupid to not live your life at the fullest because you know you’ll be gone someday.

I believe that knowing that each day is a gift should be a motivation for us to actually live our life, not the life people want us to live but THE LIFE WE WANT TO LIVE.

If you woke up today, don’t take it for granted. Too many people would have wished to have one more day on earth so please, no matter how life can be hard, realize that after all you are still ALIVE which is a BLESSING.

Have a wonderful day ❤️

4 thoughts on “Life

  1. We have a life force of energy and frequencies that fuel our life. Enough electrical current to light a light bulb!

    When we die our body decays but energy, our life force, does not decay!

    Why? Because from the ‘First Law of Thermodynamics’ we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    It can only be transformed!

    So what is it transformed into and where does it go!

    This is not philosophy … this is physics … Albert Einstein!

    1. I love this quote: « Life is today, not tomorrow ». It is so true because what we mostly do is thinking about the next day instead of enjoying the day to the fullest. Thank you for your comment, have a wonderful day 😊 Enjoy your day to the max !!!

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