Late night chat with God’s soldier

Do you think that men suffer too??

The answer is YES! We have the tendency to think that men don’t suffer because they are men, they are strong, they have no feelings and no emotions. But what we always forget while thinking that way, is that all men are humans with a heart beat and yes, with FEELINGS TOO.

A few days ago, I had the chance to talk with one of you. Yes, a man among us had the courage to come and talk to me about his terrible past. I might have never met him yet, but I feel like I have a big brother making sure that I get all the support and the love I deserve. Now let’s talk about him.

He has told me many times that he understands me but everything got more clear that night. He actually have been a victim of sexual assault too and it has been hard on him since because he is a man.

He was molested by his mother from age 3 to 6. He was also beaten by his drunk father and the only child neglect by his family. Being the neglected child was already something but he also was not giving adequate medical care. In front on his family’s eyes he was a looser and nothing more. That is the reason why he just can’t stand his family, there is no way for him to connect with his siblings after everything he have been through. He was sick and dying but still, his family couldn’t keep themselves from making fun of him anyway. He had an hereditary problem that everyone knew about it except him. No one told him about it, they kept it a secret.

At age 11, in boy scouts, he was abused by older boys. Even if he thought about killing himself, God kept him alive. After all this, he still found consolation into God’s hands. Today, after having to go through all this trauma, he still find joy into helping other people.

This man is an inspiration, he is actually stronger than he think he is. He is not yet ready to speak freely about his life story but He actually already did a big step by coming to talk to me. Hearing all this about him made me think that: God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. Seen into his family’s eyes as a looser, in God’s eyes he is more than worth dying for.

With God by his side, he have won the victory. The enemy tried to break him down but God gave him enough strenght to stand back up. I thank God for meeting this man and I believe that someday all of us will be reading his life story on HIS blog.

Here is a reminder for anyone one of you who had suffered from trauma, for men who are afraid to speak up, let me tell you that you are not alone. I believe that our voices have power and I am ready to use mine for anybody else for whom it is still hard to talk about it. I may not have graduated in psychology but what I have is experience and I believe that it is enough to make a change in people’s life.

The Voice of Peace is there for YOU. My goal is to be able to help and touch people all over the world.

If you believe in me and would like to contribute into making it happen feel free to give whatever you have, even a dollar can make a difference.

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