Good morning everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing great. I just want to share with you guys this good news, I uploaded my first YouTube video. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so proud that I have made the first step knowing it isn’t perfect. I have made a bunch of video of the same subject but that one was good enough to finally be published. I believe that if I wait until I get my professional kit to make the best videos ever that might just never happen. So yes, I had to make a big step out of my comfort zone and I did. I made this video with what I have which is a phone, light (not the best lightening), determination and courage.

So family, I would like to invite each one of you to check out my new video, to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and to comment if you have any suggestion.

Here is the link you can use to get to my YouTube video:

And if you haven’t visit and place your order yet, here is the link to my online shop:

I created a Gofund me for those who want to contribute in The Voice of Peace, those who believes in me and where I am heading. Here is the link:

PS: All this will help me to make better video pretty soon and start different activities for sexual assault awareness. πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚

I believe that it is all POSSIBLE with generous people and God by my side.

Much love guys and God bless ❀


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