Why is it important to support the victims?

I mean, that isn’t a stupid question. Why am I trying to make people understand the importance of supporting the victims?

First, when you have been one yourself, it is easier to relate with other victims. Because I know how it feels to have everything else but support. I know how it feels to be blamed for what someone else have done to you and to be questioned about your part of responsibility in the situation. Sometimes, the victims even have to convince people around them to believe them, which is insane. As a victim, I believe that sexual assaults are sadly not taken seriously. Sexual assault have a negative impact on the victim’s psychological and physical health. The trauma that is caused by those bad experiences can lead to:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (nightmare, flashback…),
  • Depression (prolonged sadness, loss of interest…)
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Dissociation (unable to concentrate at school or at work)

Sexual assault or rape can have different impact in people. Some are going to feel unworthy afterwards while others will use drugs and alcohol to deal with their feelings and some will feel guilty for letting it happened to them.

That is where support is needed. As a member of the family, as a friend or a lover, you should know that victims of sexual violence needs support, especially from people around them. Some people just don’t have what it takes and if it is your case, you can always suggest the victim to go to social service providers to get some help. There is nothing too complicated about being supportive, all we want is to be BELIEVED and LISTENED. We need to be heard and to not be questioned about our outfits and alcohol or drug level, because it doesn’t justify what happened to us

Lack of support can have a negative impact on the healing process of the victim. So remember that, believing the victims and making it possible for them to open up about the sexual assault or rape will increased their mental health recovery.


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