No means NO!

Your voice has power.

Your story matters.

Your silence is what they want.

Your healing will be found in sharing your story.

No means NO!

No matter what you were wearing and how vulnerable you were…

No means NO!

No one has the right to touch you without YOUR consent.

Rape culture needs to stop.
Let’s all start blaming who is to be blamed, the rapist.

Let’s believe and support ALL the victims, even male victims.

But always remember that your voice has power, so even if your voice shakes on the way, don’t stop because someone out there needs to know that they aren’t alone.

The Voice Of Peace πŸ’•

11 thoughts on “No means NO!

    1. That’s it, it is so simple. You got it, but sadly some people still don’t get it, so that is the reason why we HAVE to talk about it. It is our body and they have NO RIGHT to do whatever they please with it.

    1. Simple as that. And when she can’t say much or she can’t consent, wait until she gets sober and please, DON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER BODY!! Some people need to understand that rape ain’t fun, it is a crime sadly not taken seriously.

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