Goodbye stranger

If there is something I love to do is to help others and to serve others. Yes, I know it might sound weird but I do love customer service even if we do meet some unpleasant customers sometimes.

Today, I was serving one client like all the others. Asking questions and me answering them, simply giving a good customer service. Slowly starting to compliment me, I mean okay thank you. I don’t know him and maybe I am wrong for thinking whatever I am thinking but all I know is that I don’t really feel comfortable with him being there. What a beautiful day to be working alone. Was sitting and writing when he came in and decide to do the same when everyone left except him. I thought, at least I could have an eye on him and people can see if anything happens through the windows. For me, it was better than him just coming in the back while I am working where we can’t be seen…

I mean, there is probably nothing wrong with all this. Maybe he was just being friendly, asking what time I will be done work and that big mouth of mine answered without even lying. Saying that he hopes that I will be here when he comes back, blablabla. I don’t know why but I was a lowkey freaking out. Yes, gotta say lowkey because no way that he will know that I am kind of scared about what he can, might or not do. I mean, everything that happened to me isn’t like I was afraid that it would have and it still did happened… so I guess it’s okay?

Seeing him left was more than a relief, Goodbye customer and please, don’t come back if it is not JUST TO EAT.

For some, I will and might sound crazy but those situations reminds me that I still got scars. Those are proof that the trauma is still there, I am still scared of another man taking advantage of me, my kindness AGAIN… I mean, it is all going on in my head but IT IS REAL AND SERIOUS.

I might be overreacting for some but maybe a few, will and might understand what I am going through right now. The fear of having to live this nightmare again was silently destroying me.

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