Feel better

Hello everyone πŸ’•

I hope you are all having a great day.

People are different.

The struggle can be the same but reaction never will.

Some prefer to cry it out,

some would work the pain out,

Some would put it on someone else

Some prefer to drink and eat their emotions,

Some would fake it all,

Pretend to be fine.

Some are surviving,

Others are living,

Some are walking dead

While some are escaping reality.

Who is doing it better? None of them or maybe all of them.

All I am trying to say is that people deal with their pain in different ways.

No way of dealing with pain is better than the other.

The most important is to do whatever makes you feel and BE better.

Crying for some it is what it takes, for others it is useless. It’s better to just get themselves busy to avoid thinking.

But who are we to judge? I believe that what is important is to make sure you are dealing with your problems in a good way. That’s why it is important to learn how to be real with yourself and to clearly know what isn’t making you a better person.

Some prefer to trust humans, but let me tell you that in my case, God is the only who has never disappointed me and who will never give up on me no matter what.

7 thoughts on “Feel better

    1. It is okay that is your way to deal with it and to be honest, me too but instead, I faith it until I make it. I don’t have a cat πŸ˜‚ but I do like to let it all out when I need to in private. Anything that will make me feel better !!

  1. If the ways we chose help us, then any way of handling pain is okay. But there surely are ways which could be better than the other. I mean, sometimes we don’t know if we are dealing with them to come out, or we are making it worse. We are unable to understand that when we ourselves are going through pain.

    1. You are absolutely right that is the reason why it is important to be real with ourselves. Sometimes, we have to take a step back to see if we have choose a good way to get through hard time or it is only making it worst.

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