Late night thoughts Part3

Who are you without your fears?

Who are you when you are alone?

Who are you when we ask you to describe yourself?

Who are you without your scars?

Who are you when life gets hard?

Who are you when you see your reflection in the mirror?

Who are you without the pain and regrets?

Who are you with a bunch of people around you?

Who are you when you need help?

Who are you when you loose yourself?


6 thoughts on “Late night thoughts Part3

  1. Hard hitting questions! If we are able to see that person, the duality of identity will get resolved. However, it’s not easy. And not everyone is able to even attempt it.

    1. Absolutely, I think that it is a good challenge for all of us to take. The kind of questions that makes wonder if you actually really know yourself. It will resolve the duality of identity and just like you said, IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL!

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