Late night thoughts Part2

With time, I have learn how to put my happiness first. I used to easily say yes to things that I clearly didn’t want to do just because I was afraid to disappoint people around me. I was so used to please people around me until I ended up putting myself aside. I was doing everything to make people happy and I ended up being lonely. But today, I have learn how to say no because my happiness matters too.

Ps: Even pyj’s doesn’t stop me from sharing thoughts. Pretty short and not wearing my best outfit but let me know what do you think about sharing on video.

6 thoughts on “Late night thoughts Part2

    1. Thank you very much, it was my first time trying to share something on a video. I really appreciate your comment ❀😊 Stay blessed and you can do it!!! It won’t be easy at first, so don’t give up and remember that your hapiness matters

  1. When we love and respect ourselves in a healthy manner, other people respect and love us also.
    If we dislike ourselves others will dislike us.

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