MUST READ: “Do people ever really change?”

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I just wanted to share this great work with all of you. I was really curious to see the content of this post when I first read the title. What I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed at all. I do agree with the blogger on the fact that people DO change. What about yall?


Feel free to share your opinion, thoughts, examples… No one but God can judge you anyway πŸ˜‰

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17 thoughts on “MUST READ: “Do people ever really change?”

    1. Exactly, I love this quote. You are changed person as soon as you say no to things you used to do or just when you simply learn how to say NO because pleasing people isn’t your job anymore. Just like you said, for some people, you’ve changed when you do not do things the way you used to do or don’t live your life like the way they want you to. Nice one my friend, thank you for taking of your time to answer the question. May God bless you πŸ’•

  1. Everyone changes. That’s how experience works. A person embraces something or lets go of something, and it causes a ripple effect. Some people may appear to change very little, but it’s guaranteed they are not the same person at age 50 that they were at 25 or 5. Perception of change from the outside is eye of the beholder stuff. Most never look beyond the surface to really get to know others.

    1. I agree, all I can add is that you have to be willing to change. Someone who is older isn’t necessary wiser. I do believe that you can learn from life and your experiences but you have to be willing to. Some people do the same mistakes so end up getting the same results because they do not want to change or sometimes just don’t know how. So I believe that if we are willing to change FOR REAL, we CAN. In my case, God changed me because on my own I couldn’t do it. And even if, sometimes weak that I am I fail myself but God never failed me. May God bless you for taking of your time to answer the question, I really appreciate ❀

      1. My pleasure. If I might though, I’d like to expand a little more. Willingness to change isn’t necessary. Life will happen whether we want it or not. We change as it happens to us as a result of perceived experience. A person may seem bitter and angry, but as times goes by, they can become even more bitter and angry. Or depressed. It’s still change, regardless of what the perception is. On the other hand… positive change requires active participation, on that we absolutely agree. You can’t get solutions from the same mindset that causes the problems.

        1. Yes but I think that you still need to be willing to because if not, it is like having goals but not working to achieve it. You cannot get results if you are not willing to put the work on it, feel me? If I say that, it is because in my case, I had to be willing to heal or if not I would still be the same girl feeling sorry for herself and everything that happened to her. If I didn’t take the decision to be a better person and to feel better, I would have still be the “same” or changed but not in a good way. I had to be willing to change for a better version of myself to get where I am today and even now, I am still willing to be a better person. I believe like you said that we constantly change through life and situations but the questions is do we change in a good or a bad way. And yess, “You can’t get solutions from the same mindset that causes the problems”, I totally agree. But that is why you need to be willing to change that mindset because it won’t be easy, especially if you’ve always been thinking negatively to think positively won’t come over night. You need to work on it and to be willing to have a positive mindset to be an to attract positivity in your life. I don’t know if you understand my point now? Let me know 😊 And thank you for your comments, I really enjoy reading and answering you.

          1. You need to be willing if it’s positive change you’re seeking, yes. The active pursuit of change requires willingness by its very nature. Change itself, however, can be positive or negative, and either can and will happen you whether you choose it or not. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not looking to undermine the point you’re making, but I am allowing for all possibilities life has to offer. I think we’re on the same page in regards to willingness to pursue positive change.

    1. Amen!!! We are so weak and on our own we can only fail. I believe to that with Jesus by our side anything is possible like to get rid of something we were once addicted to. Your life is a proof of how great our God is. And how he wants us to come as we are and would use anyone even the ones with the darkest past to serve him and share their testimonies. God bless you my friend ❀ Happy Sunday

    1. Amen!! So true, that is the reason why we should all learn how to focus on things that we CAN actually CHANGE. We cannot change our past but like you said, we all wish we could. We should change our focus, work on a better FUTURE and put on the work to achieve our goals TODAY. God bless you for your comment. πŸ’•

  2. I would hope that people could and would change. It’s just a part of the process of living. It’s not just changing but growing. That being said, I do believe there are people that can’t change, for the most part, because they don’t want to.
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