MUST READ “The Dark House”

Good morning everyone ❀

I am sharing this post with you guys to encourage this beautiful survivor. In this article, she is sharing her story, speaking up to the world about everything that once was kept secret. I am not alone, she is not alone, we are not alone. We are stronger TOGETHER and yes, ALL STORY MATTERS.

You are stronger than whatever tried to break you. I encourage you in your healing journey. Let me tell you that it won’t be easy but, IT IS WORTH IT. To face something you’ve ignored for many years can be more than a challenge but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD BY OUR SIDE. The devil is a liar. Lying to us all those years, trying to make us shut our mouths, make us blame ourselves and believe we deserved it, BUT WE DIDN’T deserve it.

Once a victim and forever a SURVIVOR ✊🏾❀




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