You are not alone #Metoo

Nights with no sleep,

Going through the same pain


I am the victim but it is not my story

Waking up crying over someone else’s story,

What is that suppose to mean?

Whatever it is,

I am able to feel her pain,

I can feel how it hurts to be seen as a sexual toy,

Just a little something to play with

When THEY feel like it,

We have no say,

Nothing to do against it

We just have to let it happen, right?

Even if we say no, it won’t stop them from touching us without our consent

They are monsters,

They stole our joy from us,

Our body has been stolen,

I feel like all those woman need me to stand up for them,

Those who are silently suffering about their trauma,

Those who have kept it a secret for too long,

I first was scared and confused about those nightmares

But then, I realized that it wasn’t my story

or how it happened to me,

So what if it was somebody else’s story

And that I could do something about it

I can’t change the past and the trauma that came afterwards

But what if I can tell those victims that I hear them, I believe them and that they are not alone.

Even if we don’t have the same story,

We share the same pain

We all want the same thing: JUSTICE.

But the system sucks,

So let’s just make a difference with speaking up the truth, our truth.

It was terrible.

It was awful.

Man by man were using my body to have some fun

I was powerless,

Everything was just happening,

I couldn’t stop it

And the funny part is that even in my nightmares, I had no support.

I was actually being laughed at,

Judged and seen has a b****

For things I/You/We didn’t asked for.

6 thoughts on “You are not alone #Metoo

    1. We are not alone, there is a lot of people like us that are tired of the system and how the society always blame the victim instead of the rapist. WE are the change we want to see in the world, WE are the ones who should hold hands and stand up together for all the victims of any kind of violence. We are stronger TOGETHER ✊🏾❤👑

    1. I just took a look to it and I really thank you for sending me this link. I really appreciated reading your article, you did an awesome job that will definitely help others to know how to react when your partner/friend have been a victim of sexual assault. I tried to reblog it but I couldn’t, if here is a way to do it, I would still love to. If not, well I really love your article and I think that everyone should take a look to it, we get to learn a lot. May God bless your heart ❤

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