Change your focus

Most of the time, we are the ones hurting our own selves. Doing too much, loving too much, trying too much to please and impress people around us but for what? What is the point of making people around you happy, when you loose yourself on the way. There is nothing wrong with loving someone but to love someone more than you love yourself will only drive you crazy. Because want it or not, even unconsciously, you’ll be seeking the same love you would like for yourself, from that person. And the truth is that, it is your own job to love yourself first and enough to not be depending on someone else’s love.

At some point of our life, we need to learn how to change our focus. If you have a great person by your side, I am not saying let them go but learn how to put yourself first. Just like most of you, what I do best is to think about other people. Always worrying, trying to make sure that people around me are fine. But what about me? Someone even asked me the question: ” If you care about others, who will care about you?” I replied: “I don’t need to take care of myself or someone to do it for me, God will”. I still do believe that God is taking care of me but I have to make the first step. I can’t keep on doing nothing and hope that God will do everything, NO! He wants us to make the first step, to see how much we are willing to change, what are we ready to do about it and then, He handles the rest.

So you’re maybe asking yourself why things around you doesn’t work your way, why does someone control your mood and your happiness. It is simply because you still haven’t learn how to be sufficient for yourself. You haven’t learn how to be happy alone. If you put your trust in Man, you’ll always be disappointed but God will never give up on you, no matter what. There is nothing you can do that will change God’s unconditional love for you. We clearly don’t deserve it but we have received it by His grace. β€πŸ™πŸΎ

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