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We teach best when we most need to learn

I mean this quote is so deep…

I don’t know if I am the only one thinking that but seriously it is a life changing quote. What I understand from it, is that it is during hard times when WE need help that we give our BEST advice. And I can only agree with that. When I think about it, it is actually true because every time that I have caught myself giving an advice to a friend, trying to encourage them to not give up, was in moments when I, myself felt like giving up. I guess that during hard times, when we get the chance to advice someone, what we do is that we take that precious time to talk to our own selves first. Most of the time, getting wise advice from people make us think that they are flawless and that they don’t struggle but we are wrong. They don’t have it all and most of the time, the best way to LEARN is to TEACH someone else how to get over it. And eventually, believe me, you will overcome your situation too. Some people won’t agree with this, some people will say that how can you help someone if you are still struggling with the same problem. What I think is that a problem shouldn’t stop you from helping someone else. And if doing it can actually make a difference in the other person’s life and your own eventually, then why not?? Only someone who have struggled like you do can give you some good tips about getting over it and yes maybe they are still struggling but they won’t stay in this position forever, just like you will overcome your situation too.

Ps: I heard this quote while watching a TV show and it really touched me, so I had to share it with you all. Struggles are temporary, even if it can be hard sometimes after the storm, the sun always comes back. Blessings are on the way dear friends, much love 💕🙏🏾

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