Ladies, listen up…

You’ll never be enough for the wrong man and no matter what you do, the right one will never leave you.

Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves just to be perfect for our partner but we are so wrong. First, no one but our God in heaven is perfect. With time, I have understood that there is nothing we can do to keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept. Just like there is nothing you can do to make someone leave when their only wish is to be by your side. So take a deep breath, stop being someone else but yourself and trust me, the right person will love everything that you REALLY are. ❤

You are beautiful, worthy, strong and perfect to the right man that God has created for YOU. So stop stressing and enjoy being yourself.

38 thoughts on “Ladies, listen up…

  1. Got that right. Had I not been blessed with such a GOOD man I might not know this. I’m thinking lightening only strikes the same place once though; that’s okay, I like my own company…especially more than alternatives I’ve seen. Since mine past away & spoiled me…I’ll stick with it. ♡

  2. I am sorry to hear that dear friend. May God fill your heart with his unconditionnal love ❤ Tell him about your worries and everything your heart desires and He will take care of everything. You are a strong and beautiful woman, never forget that 💕

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