Knowing God is better…

Hello everyone 💕

I have been so quiet latetly because I am currently facing a lot of challenges in my life but today, I feel like sharing a little bit with you all. I never knew that I was that strong before finding myself in that situation but to be honest, God is my provider. Without God, I wouldn’t be able to keep my head up and to focus on love. I am probably not the only one thinking that, but we often have many questions with no answers, right? I have been collecting those questions with no answers for years and believe me, it will only hurt you more.

I am here to tell you all that knowing God is better than knowing the answers to all of your questions. It does hurt to not be able to understand the reason why WE are going through a particular situation or why things happened this way, but having God by your side to face all those situations is everything you NEED. We are nothing without God and we should understand that pain is not always a punishment, but only God trying to work on us and to change our hearts. Yes, I believe that sometimes situations can be way too HARD to handle, but let’s not question HIS work. Only God knows why He is doing it this way. So we should just trust the process and let God take care of our pain and everything holding us back. If we try to deal with situations on our own, WE WILL FAIL!

But with God, anything is possible. Even if right now, after all the nights with no sleep, crying all the tears of your body, you are asking yourself how can I really get over this situation someday? Let me tell you that with God, you will overcome your storm and that same situation that were suppose to bring you down will be the reason of your elevation. That mess you are actually going through, will become your message, your testimony, your life story that will touch and bless someone else someday. Let’s all be like Job in the bible, who has lost everything and did not questionned the Lord but gave Him all the glory anyway. Even if he was going through hard times, those situations were not worth for him to turn his back from the Lord because he knew that God gave him so much already.

Job 1:21 “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”

To be honest, I know that it won’t be easy to be like Job. Even for me, it will be a big challenge but I believe that it is worth the try. We often end up being sad, depressed, not feeling well because of all those questions we wish we could have answers to, but what about focusing on God who has the solution to all of our problems. We should trust the one who is BIGGER than any problem and situation. God wants to help us out and all he wants from us is to do the first step; willing to know Him better.

May God bless you all 🙏🏾❤

– Peace

3 thoughts on “Knowing God is better…

  1. “that same situation that were suppose to bring you down will be the reason of your elevation.”

    My mental illness was what I was MOST ASHAMED of and now it is my ministry to help others so their journey can be better than mine was. “My mess is my message.” – so true. Or rather Jesus’ message of forgiveness, hope, and reconciliation.

    Keep fighting the good fight. You and Jesus are winning!

    1. You are absolutely right, with Jesus by my side, I can only win. I thank you for your comment and want to encourage you in your ministry. I am glad to see that you have used what was once a part of your life that you wished you could erase to help and inspire other people. May God bless you for what you are doing in those people’s life. I will always keep my head up, nothing comes easy but I know that healing is the best decision I have ever made. Be the hero of your own story and never stop helping others, even if sometimes we get to a point where it is hard for ourselves to keep ou head up but NEVER GIVE UP, GOD IS IN CONTROL. What was once a mess will become YOUR message.

      Stay blessed 🙏🏾❤

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