Way too nice …

I am the kind of person that will do anything to help someone out

The kind of person that would give her last 10$ in bank just to buy a meal to an homeless even if I had plans with that money

A girl that would put her own self aside just to make sure that someone else is doing fine

I would put a smile on my face just to not let people around me get worried

The kind of girl that would hide her own feelings just to let someone else express theirs

A woman that would love someone like if she have never been hurt and disappointed before

The kind of person that always tries to put herself in other people’s shoes just to be able to understand their situation better

Always treating people good like they all actually deserve it

Right now in my life, everything I am going through is just the consequences of me being too nice with people who are everything else but, grateful. I am going to avoid you all the details but I am currently in an appartement all empty because I have been too nice, trying to help someone out. It is crazy how I end up with no bed just because I couldn’t imagine someone else sleeping without one. How can being nice gives you that much problems. People were right, I should have take everything with me but my heart didn’t want to take everything away from that person, especially because it was helping him to have it. But, what was the point of helping, being nice to end up like some piece of sh*t. I have a big problem, I always think that people are just like me, nice, honest, with a big heart…

I always put too much trust in people and that is where I got fucked.

So after several months of using my house furnitures, here I am, moving out with NONE OF MY FURNITURES, I have lost everything. I am not sure what is the lesson I have to learn from it, but I belive there is one. I don’t want to become a mean person for someone that didn’t used my kindness in the right way but I guess I will have to become selective. That is the least I can do, because I am not planning on becoming a monster for some guy who couldn’t be grateful and thankful for everything I have done. All he could think of in this situation was himself, he didn’t took a single minute to put himself in my shoes.

I believe that God will find a way, a solution to my problems because He is bigger than everything I am going through. I have faith that everything will fall back into place.

May God bless you all,

Thank you for reading me.πŸ’•


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    1. WAW πŸ’• I wouldn’t know what to add to your comment because to me it is more than complete. πŸ€— I thank you for your time, advice and prayers. I can’t wait to enjoy what God has in store for me. I don’t regret being nice because I know that God saw me and HE will bless me for that good action. I really appreciate you for everything. “For in the end your reward is with God and not man”. Amen to this, may God bless you for those words πŸ™πŸΎ

    1. Yess you are absolutetly right, from now on I will focus on taking care of myself instead than expecting people to do it as I often do for others. I won’t lie that that situation made me question everything, like my kindness but I will only let this situation change me into a better person. A kind person with boundaries. Thank you for your comment, May God bless your heart.πŸ’•

  1. I see a lot of me in there ……..and let me tell you out of experience ……we may promise ourselves that from now on I will put my self first …think about me first …….it never really happens . Some people are just wired this way☺️. Don’t worry God’s watching you ….you will be taken care of.

    1. I am glad to see that I am not alone πŸ€— But damn it, we should seriously learn how to put ourselves first because if we don’t think for ourselves who will? We should learn how to set boundaries like our brother in Christ just told us. I believe He will take care of everything πŸ™πŸΎ May He gives us the strenght we need. Much love and don’t you stop being kind. πŸ’•

      1. 😊See the name of my blog is refuse to give up ….so definitely not giving up on who I am ( kind) 😜….but yes we can most definitely evolve. All the best to you dear πŸ’•πŸ€—

  2. An unfortunate situation for trusting others. What you have to avoid in falling into resentment because it will make you suffer physically and mentally. You have to learn to appreciate better not to be a victim of other people. You have a life ahead and you have to take advantage of it.

    1. Yes, you are right. Being a victim of others won’t help it, at all. I should instead learn from it and avoid it next time. I will move forward with my life and get through this situation with my head up, like the princess of the most high King should.
      God bless you πŸ™πŸΎ

  3. Dear You,

    I listen to your voice very very deeply, and I understand.. I am as you are.. The kind of a person who is nice, but neglected, misunderstood and underestimated by others..
    We judge ourselves a lot, and we get harsh onto oursleves.. ! We end up been lonely.. and expect someone to call up and ask us how we are doing.. ! But that never happen and we doubt our values in their life.. We are lost, confused, helpless, and specially in self-guilt for what we does for others yet never get anything worthwhile back..

    So Now,
    I understand.. I don’t wanna be nice, nor wanna be bad.. I am free, I am interdependent – But i can get things done on my own, I am not emotionally weak, but I am too strong to figure out path for myself.. I am getting connected to myself.. ! I don’t force myself to speak or talk or help.. bUt yes when I can.. i do it willingly..

    I am in love with the me I have became, from the me I was and what I leanred..

    I am alone BUT satisfied, happy, fulfilled, and understood by those who understand ❀..

    I am in love with all of my weakness and strength.. ! and my thoughts.. I embrace them all.. and learn from them.. ! and through care, love, and patience – I believe GOD have a strategic plan, A plan that is Mind-blowing, A plan that includes everything that happened with me..!

    Believe, Faith, Love and knowledge ❀❀…

    Have a blessed friday My dear”YOU”..
    Your inner-voice 😊

    1. Dear inner-voice,
      I just want to start by thanking your for your comment, it just made my day πŸ€— Everything you said is true and it is my reality. I am planning on taking some good notes and learning from it. I believe that a mistake is only a waste when you don’t learn from it. But as you said, from now on, I will be working on being free. And I believe too that all this is happening for a reason, God is trying to work on me and make me a better person through it. God has his mysterious way of doing things but I trust him with my life and situations, just like I believe that everything will make sense some day. I hope to see you around Inner-voice, don’t you stay quiet I will need to hear more of you. May God bless your heart πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’•

      1. Dear YOU,

        I need you to take your “ME” time, and sit with me alone, and remember all the moments of Hurt, regrets, unforgiveness and feel it deep within.. and embrace me deeper.. ! I want you to know I keep you reminding you of my hurts because i want you to listen to me..

        I am happy that you heard my voice, and now I am feeling connected to you.. I hope to connect deeper with you in our “ME” time.. Where we reflect on our lives and learn without regrets, and free ourselves by forgiving others ❀..

        The Me in YOU

        1. You are my angel sent from God today πŸ€—πŸ™πŸΎ, I wish you a wonderful day and yes I will take some ME time pretty soon so I get to connect with You again. Keep on making noise, don’t you stay quiet, complete healing is on the way. It is just a matter of time. We will be ONE pretty soon! 😊 From now on, feel free to share with me your thoughts, experience, advice, everything that can contribute on making me a better person. Stay bless Inner-voice and don’t you ever change. ❀

          1. Friday a bless day.. A day when we connect deeply with oursleves..!

            I have a life, a life which I shared on my blog .. My previous posts will tell a story which is yours now 😊..

            That will connect with you ❀

  4. The problem is not you, but the people you tried to help…. if you start putting yourself first, then you become one of them… πŸ™‚

    β€œI expect to pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any creature, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.” W. Penn

    1. Exactly, I don’t regret helping them but I do regret putting my trust into the wrong person. Having expectations got me into that position, expecting people to be just like me got me in trouble. But God will use this situation to bless even more, to Double everything that I have lost. May God bless you W. Penn πŸ’• Have a wonderful day!

      1. Well, I am not into religion myself (born again heathen here πŸ™‚ ) but I have heard this saying numerous times in the past: God promised you a safe landing, he didn’t say the journey would be a smooth one… πŸ™‚

        β€œI believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”… Marilyn Monroe

  5. I am a Baha’i. We are taught: “Be fair to yourself and others”. Christ teaches similarly. You should have a bed that suits your health needs, a comfortable place at which to take meals-in your own home, as much other furniture as meets your other needs. No decent person would take these things from you and no indecent person deserves them.
    It is not necessary to become hardened, though no one would blame you for a measure of hardness, after what you describe.

  6. Seem to face this challenge of being nice and less thinking of myself. Really sad after a while, but God doesn’t forget. As a quote says, “Givers never lack”. God is a rewarder of those who do good, and you will be remembered at his appointed time. Keep strong

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I believe that you are right and God never stops working. He is in control of everything, all I can do is be patient and let him take care of it all. Being strong is my only option right now so, I got this ! πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful day! πŸ’•

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