Lord, let me explain…

My life in a picture, it is so accurate.

I am probably not the only one in this situation and for those who thinks that God won’t be listening to them, let me tell you that you are wrong. Put your ego and everything that makes you think that God is mad at you aside and call your Father in heaven to let him know your struggles and how much you need him right now.

You don’t have to go through your situation on your own, let God take the lead and get some rest.

Peace πŸ’•

15 thoughts on “Lord, let me explain…

    1. You should and believe me, you won’t regret it. 😊 May God give you the strenght you need and may He renew your faith, you WILL get through it. Just stop worrying and let God take care of your situation, we often want the answer to our questions and want to deal with it on our own and most of the time, if it is not always we fail. But God will never fail you, so put your trust on Him, take a break and watch him turn your mess into a message. Soon you’ll be sharing how great He has been to you. Keep it up, God loves you no matter want πŸ’•

      1. No matter what**
        Anything is possible with our God, all you need to do is to believe, have faith that everything will fall into place. I am glad to hear that, keep your head up. And always remember that your Father is the King of kings, so as a member of the royal family, you have nothing to worry about, everything is handled by Him. So please, give yourself a break and let God work on it. Take care 😘

  1. And we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, we are humans, sinners. God loves us just as we are, his love is unconditionnal. He knows all our failures and our sins way before we do it and He STILL loves us. Nothing will ever change His love for us. But the reason why we fail to have a strong relationship with God is because of all the lies the ennemy tell us, anger, shame, ego, unforgiveness, sadness, depression…
    The list is long but all He wants is to hear us to admit that we can’t do it on our own, that we are sinners and we need His holy spirit to make it through hard times. So yes, He is just a call away, so don’t you hesitate and call Him, He is waiting on your precious call. Have a wonderful day πŸ’• Stay blessed

  2. When we find ourselves blinded by not having answers to our problems, we take a moment of silence and calmly look inside ourselves and let the Lord come to your heart and download your problems in him. That is the explanation, which I believe, that you are giving us. Thank you.

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