A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other, even in those moments you struggle to like each other.

These past few days, I have realized how painful love can be sometimes and how great it is to be with someone who loves you for you. It is crazy how you can love someone and hate them at the same time. I believe that for a relationship to work, you need two people that are ready and willing to work it out together no matter what, YES NO MATTER WHAT.

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    1. Yes, what I really meant is that most of the time the person you love is the same one that gets on your nerve so easily. But after all, nothing comes easy, just like real love requires patience, love, communication, forgiveness, patience, no ego and PATIENCE again 😂 So it takes time and effort but at the end of the day, it is all worth it.
      Have a wonderful day😊

  1. Very true! Both partners have to be willing to work it out when problems arise. Both partners have to be willing to look at themselves to see if there is anything they can do to help the situation, rather than just assuming it’s all their partner’s fault. Good post.

    1. Exactly and we have to understand that no relationship is perfect. But a perfect couple is those who takes the time to sit down and talk about what is wrong and what is the solution to the issue. A strong relationship has two normal people who decided to never give up on each other and to do everything it takes to make it work, even when they are struggling to handle one and other. Every problems has a solution, just like all couples have their problems but communication is and will always be the key. What we often do is that we keep stuff for ourselves or just hope that our partner will figure it out (especially us, women) but to express what we are feeling, what we like or don’t will avoid a lot of problems.

    1. Exactly, a perfect couple is two imperfect people who loves each other enough to work everything out just to stay together. We just love to have the final product, most of the time, people are not patient enough to let time do what needs to be done or changed.
      Thank you for your comment, may God bless you 💕

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