Enjoy your day to the fullest

Good morning my blog family ❤

I just want to wish you all a nice day. While reading this, I want you to take a minute to thank God for your life. He gave you another day in this world by his grace and clearly not because you/I deserved it. I would have a lot of reason to feel sad or depressed but today, I want to do things differently and to focus on what I have. Obviously seeing my bank account is enough to make me fall into a deep depression but I believe that I am STILL blessed. Some do have millions and are unhappy, sick, living with no peace, into a deep depression that even makes them take their life away. When others are “living” in hospital, some are orphans, have nothing to eat or anything to wear, some babies never had the chance to last a few months in this world…. I won’t be missing example but all this is just to make us realize how bless we are.

Always remember that, that life you are complaining about it is someone else’s prayer. So no matter what age you are, the money you have in your bank account, your job, your status (single/married/complicated/divorced/dating/…), if you take time to think about it, you will find thousands of reasons to be thankful.

I know life can be hard to live sometimes but put a smile on your face and enjoy your day to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised.

Have a nice day yall ❤

26 thoughts on “Enjoy your day to the fullest

    1. Perfect. ENJOY IT TO THE MAX😀 You are blessed so try to remember that especially when you going through hard times. Hard times never last forever and your blessings on the way. Let me know how it goes 😉

      1. It delights me very much, thanks to you back, your words are balm to the soul,, in real life none of us is unscathed from problems the everyday but with patience surrender to the slogan does not give up and a roof of hope of improvement I am also overlooked because Live God does not forget ants in search of food even if she is not hungry!!! Thank you very much.

        1. And for the rest, you are absolutely right. No matter what situation we going through even if most of the time we ask ourselves where is God in all this, we should never forget that God is here and have always been. We are actually the ones keeping him away from us. May God bless you dear friend, take care.

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