On to the next one

First session in dental hygiene accomplished. I just want to thank God for everything. You all know that I had problems with my biology class and a few weeks back, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pass the course. But my God is able to do the impossible. I have passed all my classes and my biology class too. It is the first time I am doing something in school that really interest me and that feels so easy to have good grades, even if I am always last minute. That last minute issue seriously gotta change.

So here is a big S/O to GOD, my faithful friend. This year is a year of success. No more tears, only tears of joy. I BELIEVE THAT MY GOD IS ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING THAT HE PROMESSED YOU, EVEN IF IT LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE TO YOU, HUMAN.

Just because I want you all to experience his love and greatness, I do accept to share my friend. Put your trust in him ❀

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