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I just want to encourage someone today. Life can be so fucked up and sometimes we have to face a bunch of problems but let me tell you that God is bigger than whatever you are facing. This post made me laugh when I first saw it. It is crazy how we make plans of how we want things to be or go, forgetting that we are God’s masterpiece. I just want to remind you that everything will work out but God never said that it would make sense. You might feel like your life is a chaos asking yourself what good can come out of it but that is exactly what the Lord will use for his next masterpiece.

Your life is messed up, you are feeling depressed, sad, lonely, just open your heart to the Lord and let him work in you. You are tired and feel like you can’t do it on your own, let God show you how it works with Him by your side. All you need to do is to give it all to HIM, let him take care of your burdens and CHILL OUT, TAKE SOME GOOD REST WITH NO STRESS.

God will make a masterpiece out of that messed up life, just try it with him by your side this time. You won’t be disappointed.

Believe me,

HE got your back . ❤

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