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If there is something that really affect me it is the way most people talk about rape. Since I have been myself a victim, it just really hurts to hear people around me making fun of it.

The other day at church, when the pastor was preaching he started talking about rape. Obviously, he got my attention. What he said after, really hurt me. It is not just because it was coming from the pastor but because he was spreading a false perception of rape. He was actually agreeing to whatever all the society thinks about rape. He said something like it doesn’t make sense that a victim ask herself why she got raped, when she doesn’t dress properly. To be honest, I felt betrayed and hurt, especially because I once confide to my pastor so hearing this was just awful.

I am not going to quit my church because of that but if there is something we all need to learn, We are all human, even the pastor. People that once got disappointed by a pastor, most of the time is because they were seeing him like a little god or someone perfect, but they are not. That just made me understand that I should get started pretty soon and that people need to hear the truth, especially coming from a victim. No one but a victim can understand a victim at 100%. Just like no victim goes through the same journey but they do feel the same pain.

I just understand that I might have to stand alone and I guess that there is nothing wrong with that. It makes it harder but it is a good challenge to take. So don’t you be afraid to stand for what you believe in, what you love and what you want.

If you don’t stand for yourself, no one will for you. It all starts with you.

Have a nice day yall 😍

15 thoughts on “Stand up

    1. Exactly! It is so sad because we live in a world where the victim is blamed and juged… It makes sense to see all the victims staying quiet but it is not because we all do it, that it is the right thing to do. By keeping it a secret, we are hurting ourselves and slowly building a prison around us, our new confort zone. But outside that confort zone, there is much more to discover. Speaking up is breaking those chains, setting ourselves free, standing up for ourselves and everyone else who is still struggling. You are absolutely right, it is a horrible thing but if no one stands up to SPEAK UP about it, how will they know?
      That is the reason why we should all work together to make the earth a better place. Stay blessed ❀

  1. The pastor, as do too many people, have the mistaken view that rape is about sex. It is not. It is about violence. I prayed the pastor would become more informed. I am sorry it happened to you and prayed for healing for you.

    1. You are absolutely right ! πŸ’― It is just sad that I didn’t have enough courage to just stand up and tell him he was wrong, but that would’ve make a big scandal and it is not what I was looking for. I really just kept it for myself and seeing people agree with him was just awful. I believe in God’s timing and the right time will come for me to go in front of the church and tell them the truth about rape. Thank you very much Sir, I really appreciate your concern. May God bless your heart πŸ™

        1. Thank you very much for your words, rape is not sex but violence. There is nothing more clear than that. It is not easy but the healing process is worth it. Even if sometimes I feel like I’ll never get over it after few years already, I believe and trust God’s work in my life. You are absolutely right and If I am still alive it is only by God’s grace. So many times I’ve hurt myself with one goal: feel the pain and if I’d bleed to death that would be fine too. But I thank God that all this is in my past that is the reason why it hurts so much to see people talk about it that way. They sadly have no idea what it is like to be a victim. But there is great people like you, that do believe that rape is a crime and that we shouldn’t put the blame on the victims of any kind of violence, and I thank God for it. ❀

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