Yesterday, opening up to someone special made me feel releaved.Even if it is the same story coming back AGAIN and AGAIN, he never gets tired of listening to me. But he said something that I wasn’t expecting: “Go search for some help because I understand you and I hear you but I can’t really help you get through it. Some people have been formed to work with cases like this, you should try it”. Obviously, my reaction was like “No, I don’t need no help, I am good on my own”.

The last time I went to search for help years ago, I had problems with the Dpj. I needed to talk at time so bad that I didn’t missed a detail that convinced the woman to report my story and bring it to another level. I JUST WANTED TO TALK, NOT TO TEAR MY FAMILY APART. Since that time and the problems that came after that, getting help is not an option for me. But I am still willing to help other people but how can I show them the way out if I am still stuck in it? I know deep inside that I’d love someone to guide me and show me the way out but if I don’t do something about it, I’ll never get over it. And we should all be able to overcome our situations.

So please, if you know someone that can help me in this journey please comment the blog name. As soon as I get better, I will enjoy helping other people. Because I do know how it feels and how hard it can be so may God gives me enough strenght to show other people who are going through the same situation that IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET THROUGH IT.💞

We are stronger together ❤

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of help are you looking for?
    And this is the line I really feel you on.
    “But I am still willing to help other people but how can I show them the way out if I am still stuck in it.”
    I’ve been in this place before. Due to the nature of my work, I’m always there for other people but it becomes challenging when the encourager needs encouragement. What I can say to you is that there is so much strength in you, that you are not even aware of. You may be looking for someone to help you get through it but trust me, no one can help you like you can help yourself. It may seem damn near impossible that you get through this on your own/by yourself but trust me when I saw you’ve got it in you.
    Search yourself, you will find that strength you seek to carry on.
    Sorry this got so long. All the best xx

    1. Not too long just perfect, it actually makes me feel special 😍 I really appreciate and honest, I am not even sure what kind of help I need. I do believe that I can make it on my own but I guess I just don’t know how to do it and I don’t have enough courage to make things happened. I have a lot of plans, ideas and my problem is that I want everything to be perfect before EXPOSING myself to the world but especially people around me. I know that I feel better when I help someone else to feel much better and that I will find my healing in SPEAKING, sharing my testimony. In here, I have support and a lot of love, but in real life, it is nothing like that. I have been a raped victim and all I want is to be better and to be able stand up and to speak up about it. I’ve been worst, and I can see that I have become a better person but yet, I stil got a lot to work on. I would love to have some advice from you that I’ve been through the same place, when all you want is to show people the way but you have no idea how to get on the right way yourself. For me, who have been faking smiles all my life, hiding a lot of pain, to face or to know myself better will be a challenge that I am ready to take. I am really happy for you and your grow 😘 You are a beautiful and strong woman.

      May God bless your heart!❤

      1. You’re always welcome. I can tell you have been through a lot but trust me, your battle scars will tell your story. Speaking about it would definitely bring you healing. Baby steps, that’s all it takes. Please write down all your ideas and plans, take them one after the other and they would become real. Wishing you all the best on this beautiful journey of yours. You’re a brave one xx

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