Today is a new day

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a rough day for me. It never ends up well when I let my mind take control. I want what’s best for me but it is crazy to say but I am my worst enemy. Sometimes, I get locked up in my own prison. I am a prisoner of my own negative thoughts and fear. I might sound crazy but it makes me nervous to stay alone with myself. Because with no distraction, I feel like what I have left to do is to think and then, overthink. I am aware of all that, just like I am working on it to have a better relationship with myself. Time for me to work on myself and to focus on getting better. Today is a new day and  I am stronger than yesterday.

relationship with you

Your relationship with yourself it is what matters.

5 thoughts on “Today is a new day

    1. Never really got used to enjoy life but it is something I would work on, don’t worry about it. I am always on my guards waiting on something bad to come up, I kind of got used to suffering. But God is working on me and will use it for my good.

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