Let your fear be in the car but not in the driver seat.

From: Lisa Nichols 💕

We all have fears but it shouldn’t stop us from chasing our dreams. Letting fear control your life will only stop you from moving forward. That is the reason why since everything that happened to me, I feel like I have never accomplished anything. From now on, I still need my fear in my journey, not as the driver but as the fuel. Fear have done too much damaged already, it is time to use it for my good. If God allowed me to go through such situations it is only because I am strong enough to get through it. I believe that He is using it to make me a better person and to make me stronger than I’ll ever be. Fear is stopping me from going out and speaking up the truth. Fear of being judged can’t control me FOREVER. I got a dream to chase, people to help and a life to live, not to survive.

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