It is always so easy to say that someone is crazy, acting up, doing too much when you don’t put yourself on their place. So please, before judging someone put yourself in their shoes and TRY, just try to understand them. In my case, I always do my best to understand people and to actually take time to take everything they are saying in consideration. But when it comes to me, I am just a crazy woman who always overreact. If there is something I am sure about is that I don’t get mad for no reason.

3 thoughts on “Understand

  1. Dear friend

    Even better not to judge a person at all as we do not live with the whole background the person we judging as sometimes the reason for a present situation has its cause a very long way back in the past – so better it is to see just our mistakes and shortcomings – then we can really improve our humanity.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend

    1. You are absolutely right Didi, we should just stop to judge people because we have No idea about what they going through. And I think we can’t never really understand someone unless we have been through a similar situation. But trying to understand someone only proves that you are actually willing to.

      Have a wonderful day Didi,
      May God bless your heart πŸ™πŸΎ

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