MUST READ: “Simplicity”

I don’t know what you are doing right now but if you get to see this post, take a minute to read this article. I don’t have much to add because it is just so deep and the blogger have done a great job. May God bless you heart πŸ™πŸΎ

4 thoughts on “MUST READ: “Simplicity”

    1. Thanks to you for being there for that friend who needed you.😊 And to make him realized that he does have something to do with everything that happened to him. Most of the time we blame people around us for our own mistakes.

      1. Yes you are so right. I called him simplicity just because of that. Simple access to life is very important . Call things with the right names. If you want something do yout best to take it. Do or stop to do the things. Simple

  1. Yes life is suppose to be simple we are the ones making it so complicated. To call things with the right names was a big struggle for me so I do understand your friend. But I do wish I had a friend like you to freely open up to instead of faking smiles during hard times.

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