MUST READ: “Bury The Snake Head” and let God set you free.

It’s me AGAIN and here is another article that I would love to share with you all. Depression is real just like our God is. We all need to stop thinking we can do all things by ourselves and let God take control of our lives. I got so used to bad things in my life and to suffering that I never really think positively. My thoughts are always negative but just like she did, it’s time for me to declare the VICTORY in my life. It is time to bury the sneak head!

Thank you for your testimony,

Stay blessed πŸ’•

11 thoughts on “MUST READ: “Bury The Snake Head” and let God set you free.

  1. Dear friend

    In the terminology of the Saints it is said: β€œAs you think you become…” and when thinking of the Glory of God, His love for all His creasture this colour and perfume our thoughts will adopt too – thus we may have turning in our thoughts bringing them into light.

    All good wishes

    1. I can’t keep great news like this to myself. Because I believe that she’s not alone and it is good to show everyone that hard times in our lives are not forever. And most of the time, we are the ones making ourselves suffer. At some point of my life darkness was my home, my confort zone but God showed me the light. I am still healing today but I am clearly not were I used to be and I thank God for it. It was a pleasure to share this with you Deb, have a wonderful day πŸ’•

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