Try again

Good morning to you all,

I just want to tell someone out there that you should always keep on trying. It is so easy to give up than to give it a better shot. WHY? Because most of us are scared to fail, scared of getting out of their confort zone, scared of not doing enough. Let me tell you that not enough it’s better than not at all.

Failures will only teach you how to do better next time, identify what is it that you still don’t understand. Yesterday, I took the decision to not give up on my biology class that is too technologic for me. Everything, I really mean everything is on a computer and it is just recently that I got myself a laptop so Imagine how late I was from my classmates. I really thought that my best option was to drop the class but I was wrong. Who knows, I might end up passing the class or maybe not but at least I would have try. Make yourself proud and keep on trying even if you got all the reasons to give up. You’ll never know what will happen next if you don’t try.

If you really want it, go get it !

Much love 💕

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