God is good

Hello to all my followers,

I am really sorry but I can’t keep it for myself. I just want to let you all know that God is good. He is an awesome God and a faithful friend. I don’t know your current situation, what are you stressing about but let me tell you that your blessings are on the way. Probably at a point of your life where you are asking yourself if God even cares about your situation. But let me tell you today that He is the solution to whatever problem you have. And He does care about your situation. You can’t see it yet but He have been working since your problem have become a problem, now just believe and trust Him. Whatever you have planned, let me remind you that God’s plan for your life are better than what you could ever imagined for yourself. I don’t care about your religion, your past, your sins and everything that makes you think that God hates you, what I want you to know is that He loves as you are. I am not perfect and if that can make you all feel better, I am a sinner too. But God still loves Us. YES, HE LOVES YOU TOO.

I wish you all a great night,

May you all get to experience the love of God in your lives.

4 thoughts on “God is good

    1. It is a pleasure! I had to post it because God have been so good with me. And yesterday He just gave me a solution to everything that I have stressing about.. ALL at the same time. God is real and He loves you no matter what you do. Whatever you going through or struggling with put everything in God’s hand and get some rest. Believe that He is in control and you’ll see Him work and fight for you. GOD LOVES YOU AND I DO TOO. AND BELIEVE ME, ONLY HIM CAN GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND. To be a christian doesn’t mean you won’t struggle but it just means that you won’t struggle ALONE because God will always be with you. Struggles in life are there to form us and to test our faith. SO BELIEVE YOU HAVE RECEIVE IT EVEN IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT YET. SAY THANK YOU LORD IN ADVANCE BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU WANT IS YOURS ALREADY JUST BELIEVE IT. Stay blessed πŸ™πŸΎ

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