We ALWAYS have the choice. Being raised by a mother that would do everything and anything for everybody even if she has nothing left, is the reason why I got this big heart. So now, in everything I do, I don’t have the choice to do it because that’s how it is with me. I am doing my best to please everyone one or I am probably just not used to decline people. I am always saying YES because that is what I have always done. But the truth is that we ALWAYS have the choice. And in my case, to have no choice but to say yes is a decision that I have took myself. So, to have no choice is a choice too. What if I feel like saying no? What if I feel like resting and taking time for me? What if I want to stay home? Well, it all depends on me now. What really matters actually? What I want for myself or what they want from me?

At the end, I am responsible of the decision I make and no one else is.

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