A new chapter

This year everythig is new for me. In this new journey, things will not be easy at first but I will get through it. Even at school, nothing was stable. I guess the confusion at that point of my life reflected my state of mind. In this winter session, I am starting a new technic in dental hygiene, in a new school, a new area with strangers everywhere. Everything is new, I keep on getting lost and I hate it but I know that in a fews weeks I’ll be just fine. It is still the same book but I am on a new chapter now, where I am feeling much better about myself and the past chapters of my life. So listen, there is nothing wrong with trying something new, doing something you have never done or working on yourself. It is not everybody that have the courage to try something new because we limite ourselves to our comfort zone. It is sad because if you don’t try what you have in mind since a few years now you will never know where it would have bring you. And if you try and you fail, it is fine to try again in a different way but always learn from your mistakes.

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