Love yourself first

I used to have a lot of expectations toward my partner. Knowing me, he insisted on how I should take time to work on myself. I always thought that I was a confident woman but I was only pretending to be. Today, I do love myself and my story, and I can say that I am ready to love him right, just like he deserves. Loving myself makes me able to love him with no conditions. Loving my scars and mistakes makes me understand that I should love him for who he really is too.

You must love yourself first before you can fully receive the love of another person.

8 thoughts on “Love yourself first

  1. I believe it to be true that we often seek the love we owe ourselves from our partners, putting an undue amount of pressure on them, especially when we don’t even know what precisely we are seeking. Once we love ourselves and are comfortable in our own company, we are free to love others more fully and give the relationship a chance to blossom.

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