What about me?… Nevermind, The Lord got my back!

As you probably all know now, I love to help people. Sometimes, I even put myself aside just to help others. I think about people more than I think about myself. 

Now let’s talk about money. Money, money, money! I am pretty sure that I am not the only one here who got a full credit card to pay, right? If I can give you the advice that someone once told me: “Always pay the minimum due”. It was good for me to know. But the funny part is that, I never miss money to give away. I know some are probably thinking: “How can you give money to people if you got debts to pay already?” and some would say: “Stop acting like you are rich and pay your damn bills”. You are all right about it, but I have tried and failed. I started to use my credit card in this period of my life where alcohol was all I needed and since, I have never been able to pay it completly. I would be paying 100$ and take away 150$ to give to someone. I have been working and I could have clean my credit for this new year like I promised myself but there is always a but. The only way I could have pay my credit was if I would think about ME and only ME, but it is hard to be selfish during holidays. So guess what? I  failed! 

Deep inside of me, I know that having a big heart is not always good or easy. But I believe that God knows my heart and sees every little action I do, and that He will bless me somehow. I am not saying that money will fall from the sky but what I am saying is that His timing is always the best. 2018 started and my credit was still full but I have receive something that money can’t buy, PEACE. And today, I am thankful for this blessing I have receive and all I want is to share it with you. 
I don’t know what is your financial situation, what is stressing you right now, what is trying to steal your joy but let me tell you that God is working. Even if you can’t see the work, believe me He is working on your financial situation, your peace of mind and your joy. 

For many years, I thought that the Lord gave up on me because nothing was clear in my life. I was depressed and felt like I didn’t matter to anyone. But today, I know and I can testify that He never gave up on me. He was there in every situation of my life and I am the one who gave up on Him. I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for His grace, let me be honest: I would be probably dead. 

We are always asking God to bless us with this and that, but do we actually take time to thank Him for our lives? Think about it like this, someone out there is praying to have the life you living right now. They don’t care if it comes with some debts, all they want is to have a home, a bed to sleep on, some food on the table, a job, family and friends and someone to tell them that: “It is going to be OK, The Lord got your back”.

7 thoughts on “What about me?… Nevermind, The Lord got my back!

  1. I can understand always wanting to help people. I’m studying to become a social worker, that way I can help MORE people. But what I’ve learned over the years because of being in therapy is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, it can become difficult to help others. Another lesson I learned was we can end up taking care of others so that way we don’t have to focus on the things we need to fix in ourselves. I say it takes an equal balance of helping ourselves and those around us. Another piece of advice I have is send DOUBLE the minimum payment to your credit cards. If you just send the min. payment, you aren’t paying it off much because once the interest rates kick in, you would have only paid off like $20 towards your total balance (just an example). Your words about trusting in God, I believe wholeheartedly! Without God, we could not better ourselves or have the peace of mind most of us crave! I have God in my life and I struggle with anxiety daily. But I feel at peace knowing he is listening to my prayers and that my anxiety ends up diminishing so much that I can truly feel good! Thanks for this post!

    1. Thanks you for your advice and let me tell you that you are right. And I am actually working on it, working on myself to be a better person. There is a lot of things that today I understand that I never thought I would one day and that is how great our God is. I used to have panick attack almost every week at some point of my life but God set me free. The problem is that we think too much, worry to much that we forget that God can give us rest and take control of every situation. But most of the time we want to do things in our own instead of letting God lead us. We need to learn how to trust God even when things around us are falling apart. It’s not because you can’t see Him working that He is not. And about my credit, I do pay the minimum due now no worries 😉 2018 is a new year, things gotta change! Thanks for your comment 💋

      1. That’s great, I’m glad you’re feeling better and more positive! Unfortunately with anxiety and depression, the thoughts cannot be stopped when they begin. But what I’ve learned is to accept the thoughts. Let them in and then release them. It’s easier to just allow the anxiety to take its course, just as long as I don’t dwell in it. Some days are easier then others, but I know God is with me always. Xo

        1. EXACTLY! You are beautiful and strong just like you deserve some peace of mind and joy. May God bless you and gives you the strenght you need to overcome anxiety. Take good care of yourself and people around you, they NEED you.💋

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