Dear self …

Let me start by reminding you how strong and beautiful you are. No matter what life throws in your face, you just never give up. You always keep your head up no matter how big the problem is. It was not always easy for you but you made it girl. You survived and you are stronger today than you have ever been.

At some point of your life, I thought I lost you. Alcohol was your new bestfriend. You were even drinking during week days, ending up in a bar alone a Monday night after a long day at school. There is nothing wrong with drinking but in your case, alcohol was your way out of reality. You were actually drinking to forget and this is bad. You were not doing OK, but you kept on faking it. Me, you and God knew something was wrong. You just got to a point where life was too hard for you to deal with. You even started to hurt yourself and the worst of it is that you were feeling good after seeing the blood all over your arms. Your arms were not enough anymore, you started to mutilate your legs. People fell in love with your fake smile and never wonder how you doing FOR REAL! I know it is hard and there is nothing worse than feeling lonely surrounded by people. Just like they had no idea and did not care much of what was going on in the bathroom. Even after seeing the scars, nothing changed, no reaction like always. 

To be continued … 


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