2018: No more secrets, no more pretending..

2018 just started and I know things are about to change in my life. Never thought that one day after everything I’ve been through I would be able to speak up. All my life I have been acting like someone I am not, faking smiles and hapiness. I was so good at pretending that I really thought I was happy at some point of my life. But this year is different.

In 2018, I am standing up for myself and everyone else who kept a secret for too long. Yesterday, I found myself speaking up and opening up to a friend about MY REALITY. Everything I’ve been through and how I’ve been living in hell with no one to help me out, to listen to me, or even just to BELIEVE me. I felt so good after talking to her. I was not blaming her, AT ALL! I just wanted to show her how it feels to be a victim of sexual assault, especially when everyone around you blames you for what happened, or just don’t believe you (like in her case).

The reason why she didn’t believe me is because she knew the guy and told me he was too nice to do such things. It hurt me but she’s not the only one thinking like that and it is so sad. I took time to let her know what I think about all that. In conclusion, RAPE IS WRONG even when it’s done by a nice guy. I wasn’t talking to her to convince her, like I told her: “My GOD, him and I knows what happened”.

In a few words, I made it. First step done! I was so proud of myself for once. And I was glad that I made her realized that it was something serious. And I made it clear to her: “Even if you decide to walk all naked outside NOBODY as the right to touch you”.

I am sharing this to make you all understand that she’s not the only one thinking like that. That’s why we do need to speak up as rape survivors and let the society know that RAPE IS A CRIME. No more silence, it’s time to open up.

4 thoughts on “2018: No more secrets, no more pretending..

  1. You’re brave and you’re NOT alone! I’m proud of you and delighted in your celebration of the truth and the importance of speaking up even in the face of adversity. Here’s to a New Year of Peace!

  2. Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate 😗 I always knew that I would find my healing in speaking up about my story, it’s not easy but let me tell you that it is worth it. We ALL deserve to be happy and to be in peace with our past. The only way to get your life back is to BREAK the silence. You are strong and not alone, we’re stronger TOGETHER. Be bless !

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