I am still having nightmares…

Nightmares of people taking my life away from me, of people taking advantage of me like I don’t matter. Nightmares of people seeing me like a potential victim and a good prey to not miss. My heart is in pieces. Chocked, I am dying. I am dying because of everything my past is hiding and all the situations I am trying to forget. In my nightmares, I am not given a chance. The only thing I can do is to watch it happen, again and again. In my nightmares, my fear is controlling me and killing me. But when I woke up this morning, crying and traumatized by that nightmare, I understood one thing: God is given me a chance. Yes, I am given another chance. Another chance to make things right in my life. Another chance to make those bad situations in my life work for my good. Another chance to tell someone out there that life is still worth living for. Another chance to let my biggest fear be my strenght. Another chance to accept my past and face myself. Another chance to realize that it can be my last and that I should use it wisely. Another chance to realize that nightmares seem real but it is nothing compare to real life. What matters it’s what you do about it in real life.

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