It’s time to speak up

Today, I am speaking for everyone who kept a secret for too long.

Speaking for my brothers and sisters who never had the chance to express their feelings.

Standing up for all the victims of sexual assault and any type of violence.


I am the voice,

the voice of a little girl who’s childhood have been stolen,

the voice of a woman being abused by her husband,

the voice of kids scared of talking to their own parents about their situations,

the voice of parents keeping secrets from their kids,

the voice of men who have been taught to never be transparent about their feelings.


and it is now time for me to SPEAK UP.

It’s time to change,

It’s time to say out loud what we always keep inside.

It’s time to learn how to accept our past and to be thankful for every part of it because it made us who we are today.

Feel no shame but be proud of yourself because you are strong enough to get through anything life will throw in your face.

It’s time to heal, time to get better and feel better.

But let me tell you all, the healing process won’t be easy.

And for some of us, the healing process will hurt more than the situation itself.

The Voice of Peace

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